Not happy with the tents available on the market, James Baroud started developing his own hard shell and folding tents more than 20 years ago and has stood for innovative and practical solutions ever since. The regular use of the roof tents on off-road tours and rallies by the company owners results in continuous further development and optimization. Many innovations, design features and construction details are first found in James Baroud's tents before they are later adopted by the competition. James Baroud, based in Porto (Portugal), today exclusively produces roof top tents, awnings and accessories.

James Baroud tents have the addition Offroad Tents, in German off-road tents, not without reason in the name. The tents were developed from the start for use off the beaten track. All fasteners, hinges and fasteners are designed to withstand many years and thousands of kilometers on rumble roads without damage. Nothing is undersized here to reduce production costs to the detriment of the customer. Anyone who travels off-road cannot always choose the weather and the place to stay, which is why the tents have been designed for different conditions.