The driving behavior remains close to the standard, offers excellent long-distance comfort with a moderate lift of up to 4.5 centimeters and, like the original chassis, does not do this with occasional loads and when using a trailer limp.



The real all-rounder in the range. Even if the demands are different from day to day, the performance spring rate is ready for all uses! Whether traveling empty or occasionally heavily loaded, with Performance you are on the safe side and unbeatable off-road!

Constant Load

AB 300KG

As the name suggests, these springs are designed for use under continuous loading and reset the specifications to zero! Equipped with a camper or workshop extension, the Constant Load springs start where others already give up. With plenty of reserves up to the permissible total weight! The ideal, tough companions for professional users and expedition travelers. The Constant Load springs simply do everything.

Ex. Constant Load

AB 600KG

For a few extra pounds! Anyone who knows that the permanent load of up to 300 kg might not be able to do it all, can use the Extra Constant Load spring package. Here the specifications are straightened out again at a whopping 400 kg. Exactly the right choice for heavy-duty users or for large living quarters!

Ironman 4x4 Susensions


Genesis Import is proud to be able to offer an ABE, a genuine "General Operating Permit", for the Australian suspension from Ironman4x4 for more than 13 current models. This ABE, issued by the german Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, is a step into the future. While material certificates and parts certificates only examine the manufacturing process and the material of a part, for an ABE many test processes have to be passed, which in the end guarantee a smooth and safe function in the vehicle. Driving tests, load tests and even an impact and collision test are on the program. In the end, only high-quality spare parts receive the coveted title of officially approved operating permit, which is just as valid as the parts that were originally installed on the vehicle. In addition to the high quality standard, an ABE naturally has other advantages. The genuine general type approval is registration-free - this means: The Ironman 4x4 suspension only has to be installed and does not have to be specially approved by a testing organisation! As the ABE is valid for a specific vehicle, the same as the original suspension, there are no problems within the scope of the manufacturer's warranty for new vehicles. Here, simple parts certificates can lead to costly problems. So if you want to be on the safe side when it comes to off-road and suspension upgrades, go for the original - the ABE suspension from Ironman 4x4!

Load Increase

to 3.5 Tons avaiable!

The increase in the gross vehicle mass (GVM) of a vehicle is certified by a TÜV parts certificate. This entry is proof that the rear or front axle load can be increased with an Ironman4x4 suspension and that the vehicle can withstand a new gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons as a passenger car. This is where the strength of Ironman4x4 suspensions comes into its own perfectly! Without complicated or vulnerable additional solutions such as air springs with extra compressor systems, the axle loads can be adjusted and entered in the registration papers with a conventional Ironman4x4 suspension without any further conversion with an additionally available certificate for the extra load. Here, the uplift from the Australian suspension specialists offers another major advantage: many uplifts are only possible in conjunction with the hardest leaf and coil springs available - Ironman4x4 suspensions can already be used for an uplift from the performance variant onwards. This means that even vehicles with a nominally more comfortable spring can already enjoy the 3.5 tonne approval. The certificate is currently available for Ford Ranger & Toyota Hilux.

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