In the case of pickups in particular, which are used for commercial purposes, the vehicles are often not handled very carefully. Leaving liftgates open will damage the liftgate brackets over time and this can lead to costly repairs and vehicle downtime. In addition, the tailgate can fall on objects or a loading ramp when opening. The flap and objects can be damaged.

The flap can be easily unlocked with one hand and no longer needs to be held when opening. An advantage that should not be underestimated, for example when you are holding cargo or bags in your hand.

The tailgate strut is one of the best innovations for pickup trucks and should be part of the basic equipment of every vehicle. It ensures a comfortable opening of the tailgate. The uncontrolled opening of the tailgate is avoided by the gas pressure spring. This increases comfort, protects the attachments and hinges of the tailgate and reduces the risk of injury.

The damper only works when the tailgate is opened, no noticeable additional force is required when closing it. In contrast to spring-based solutions, the tailgate always opens fully by itself and does not have to be pushed down manually.

The gas pressure springs help to open the often heavy bonnet of a pickup and keep it open reliably. The cumbersome handling of the handrail is no longer necessary. This is particularly helpful with higher vehicles, since the front edge of the open bonnet is often no longer accessible from the ground, depending on the body size.The complete system is easy and uncomplicated to retrofit. The installation is done without cutting or drilling.

the ezdown tailgate damper offers the following advantages and safety features:

  • Highest quality of the damper made in germany

  • Preventing injury from a falling tailgate or bonnet

  • Cost savings through less material wear on the tailgate

  • Largely avoiding damage to the tailgate caused by falling onto objects or loading ramps

  • Convenience for anyone who needs to open and close the tailgate and bonnet regularly

  • "Free hands" when opening the tailgate

All components of the tailgate damper are made of high-quality, stable and rustproof materials. To ensure damping even after many years and at any temperature, only high-quality gas springs from the German company Stabilus, the inventor of the gas spring, are used.