The prices given are target prices and may vary if there is additional work. Each additional working hour is charged at €110 including VAT. Prerequisite for these assembly costs is the original condition of the vehicle. In the case of modifications, early information is necessary!

Assembly of Canopies

Assembling a canopy is easy in itself! But what should you know before you have a canopy fitted?

Most of the models are fitted using vehicle-specific brackets. These are attached to standard holes on the platform or frame, e.g. for lashing strap eyes, retaining or sports bars. There is no need to drill holes in the vehicle for installation (exception LC79). Attachments such as sports bars or blinds must be removed beforehand.
When installing a canopy, it is also possible to install additional parts such as side compartments or table brackets.
Brake light and interior light wiring both cost extra each, and are charged in addition to the simple canopy installation.

Assembly of the Alu-Cab roof tent

The Alu-Cab Roof top tents can best be found on Fasten Alu-Cab cross members

Assembly of the Alu-Cab awning

It is particularly important for this assembly to have the right mounts! It always depends on what the awning is to be mounted on. You can find suitable brackets here! 

Assembly of the Alu-Cab shower cube

Bei dieser Montage ist es vor allem wichtig die richtigen Halterungen zu haben! Hier kommt es immer darauf an, woran die Duschkabine montiert werden soll. Alle Halterungen findet ihr hier!

Assembly of Canopy Camper

 Almost all models are mounted using vehicle-specific brackets.

These can then be attached to the vehicle WITHOUT ADDITIONAL drilling (exception LC79). Just as with the assembly of a hardtop, attachments such as sports bars or roller blinds must be removed before assembly in order to be able to position the camper on the loading area. Additional parts such as spare wheel holders or mosquito nets can be quickly attached to the Canopy Camper once it is on the car. The assembly takes place WITHOUT electrical installation.

Assembly of Khaya Camper

What you need to know before assembly?

Um To assemble the Khaya cabin correctly, holes for the eyelets are drilled in the front area of the platform. In the rear area, it is attached to the trailer hitch (DC only). In XC, all breakpoints are set on the flatbed. The assembly also includes the electrical connection of the cabin to the vehicle. The tailgate must be dismantled beforehand. 

Assembly of James Baroud roof tents

Around a James Baroud tent To have it mounted on your car, you need the right cross members or platforms. You can find information about the requirements here 

Assembly of James Baroud awning

When installing the James Baroud awning you need only the brackets that are already included.

Assembly of James Baroud shower cube

When installing the James Baroud shower cubicle you need only the brackets that are already included.

Assembly of James Baroud Tunnel

Assembly of Lazer Lamps

 The Lazer Lamps headlights have power!

With the Lazer Lamp headlights you can achieve a high light range to have a good overview of the streets, especially at night! We assemble the Lazer Lamps grille kits with different lamps here in Genesis Import.

The suspension assembly at Genesis Import

Here you can find our different ones suspension models. In addition to suspension assembly, we also offer wheel alignment.

Assembly of Underbodyprotection

YouTube Assembly videos

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Alu-Cab Canopy 
Alu-Cab Roof Top Tent 
Alu-Cab Awning

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Lazer Lamps Grille Kit