Here you can see the "Evi" the camping mobile from Alisabeth & Fabian from @caravan_nomaden. "Evi" is a Nissan NV200 Evalia with a camping extension in the trunk with a James Baroud Space roof tent and an awning. This combination proves to be a loyal companion for the two of them on their camping trips.

In the past, @wilsonontheroad still had to post pictures without off-road camping equipment. This has changed, however, with the Falcon 250 awning and a Space roof tent by James Baroud. A Fox lift makes the car even more suitable for overlanding! You can also see the tunnel that connects the roof tent and awning to make it easier to get into the tent, in action! A really sensible investment if you want to get into your roof tent dry.

In this case, the roof tent is mounted together with the Falcon awning on a Rhino rack platform. In order not to use any other roof rack on the platform, the roof rack would have to be partially removed to provide enough space for the assembly of the awning and the tent.

Whether Morocco, Iceland or the Alps - Wilson has been everywhere!

A Jeep Wrangler from Sweden with a Grand Raid XXL on the roof. Here you can see that the James Baroud roof tents survive the toughest off-road without any problems! For relaxed camping trips, the "Falcon 250" awnings and a side awning are installed to provide complete protection.

Here the roof tent is mounted directly on the roll cage on three cross members.

Same rooftop tent, new car!

The roof tents not only offer a comfortable place to sleep, but also a special view!

For very cold nights where the sleeping bags need a little help with insulation, there is also thermal insulation from James Baroud.

The 360 ° panorama window in the Evasion roof tent version by James Baroud allows you to take in the entire surroundings from the inside without having to get out of the roof tent! Thanks to the fine but air-permeable mesh, you also have the best tent ventilation with a great view!

The mounting on a Defender can look very different!

Here you can see two variants.

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