For optimal care of the roof shell, we recommend the following steps: Especially with darker RAL colors it can happen that the applied gelcoat can dull and gray over time due to UV radiation. For optimal gloss retention, we recommend right from the start:

1) Die The roof shell should be polished every six to twelve months (depending on how long the roof tent has been mounted on the vehicle) to protect it from fading and to remove stubborn dirt.

2) To remove light dirt residue, the upper shell should be cleaned about once a month using a sponge and warm water.

3) We recommend regular cleaning, especially near the coast due to the salty air of the bowls.

The fabric inside and around the tent is easy to keep clean. The Tencate material is made of polyester fibers and has multiple acrylic coatings, which makes it easier to keep clean. Minor stains can be easily removed with dish soap and a cloth. However, if the stains are more stubborn, we recommend a fabric cleaner, which should be available from any normal camping shop. The seams of the tent may loosen slightly after long use and thus become leaky - you should apply a seam sealer to the affected areas to tighten the seams again. 

The solar fan runs on solar energy and has a small battery inside that supplies the fan with energy for up to 7 hours. In order to protect the solar panel for a long time, it is provided with a plastic coating. The solar panel should be cleaned properly every 3-4 months with washing-up liquid - but please do not use aggressive or alcoholic cleaning agents here, otherwise the plastic could break. For further protection we recommend applying a plastic gel. It is just as important to regularly treat the locks and joints with a lubricant.

All James Baroud roof tents have a gel coat that needs to be cleaned, you can use normal household products such as washing-up liquid. If the tent stays on the roof all year round, it should above all be protected from UV radiation, otherwise the color could fade - here you should regularly clean and protect the tent with car polish. As with a car, many small mosquitoes often stay behind when driving, here it helps to clean the hard-shell tent with a normal insect repellent. Here it is still important to note that the surface is not cleaned with aggressive agents as these remove the protective layer.

How do I store my roof tent correctly?

To always keep the roof tent ready for use keep for the season, depending on whether you are a winter or summer camper, you have to observe a few rules when storing.

First and highest priority is - depending The less moisture there is in the roof tent, the better - of course, this does not apply to camping when you close the roof tent for a short time when it rains, but rather when you close the tent for a "long" time.

Before packing away, you should air the tent carefully so that the moisture is gone. The mattress must be removed before storage. Once the tent is down, the mattress removed and aired for a few days you can close it and pull the James Baroud cover that was supplied over the closed tent. Either you store the tent in the same position as it was on the roof, or you put it on its side.

If you need more information, we have a video for you here in which Philipp explains how to keep your roof tent neat and clean!