Thanks to the James Baroud Side Awnings, you have a safe and comfortable shelter that allows you to camp safely at any time of the year.

The awning canopies are made of the same material as the tents. They are 100% waterproof and UV resistant.

The housing is made up of three panels and attaches directly to the awning, along with a zip fastener that allows them to be pinned together.

The enclosure has two large windows and a door that provides easy access and plenty of ventilation. The awning cover creates a fully protected space that adds privacy and comfort to your camping experience.

All side awnings can be opened and closed alone - this is of course more comfortable with two people, but it is possible to do it alone!

A set with three side walls with large windows and a door is optionally available for all three awning sizes. (130x240, 200x270, 250x270)

When folded, each awning is 11 cm deep and 8 cm wide (length depends on the awning).

The rounded windows are a real eye-catcher and stand out clearly from the usual functional buildings. Due to its extraordinary size, it is pleasantly light and friendly inside. The windows equipped with mosquito nets can be closed opaque if necessary.

A semicircular profile with a connecting piping rail is attached to the cross member and headliner and the side wall is drawn into the piping rail. This creates a wind and waterproof connection. The front wall is pulled into the piping rail of the front aluminum profile and connected to the side walls with a zip. The awning must be completely unrolled before it can be used - an intermediate function is not possible here