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Genesis Import GmbH is one of the largest European wholesale companies in the overland and off-road market.

Central, Located in central Germany, Genesis Import has a dealer network across the EU, including the UK, Norway, Switzerland and Russia. 

Genesis Import GmbH is known for presenting and launching new brands on the European market thanks to a very innovative marketing strategy.

Genesis Import GmbH was the first company to introduce the concept of an "Online -Show" and an "online fair". 

This leads to very successful customer satisfaction even during the big lockdown. 

Our story, or - the "decision" between a job at McDonald's or founding an own company...

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here we are

We love what we do.

We love nature, love traveling and life.

We all prefer to sleep in a roof tent than in a bed and we prefer to sit by the campfire rather than in the office. (But most of the time we end up at work.)

Our team spirit shapes our work, so we are always there for our customers, always ready to give advice and lend a hand.

We all are the Genesis Import Team.

In our showroom in Bavaria, you can see and try out all our products in real life.

We are there to answer your questions and give you advice.

Depending on the Corona numbers and the government regulations you can make a click-and-meet appointment for your visit. (click picture ->)

We look forward to see you!

Genesis Import brings selected brands from all over the world to Germany.

All our brands are exclusively available through us.

All our brands are well known worldwide.

Here you will get an overview of our brands.

Our Youtube Channel

Over the past few years, our content on our Youtube channel has grown steadily.

We regularly post videos about tips and tricks, new product releases and many other interesting topics.

With our online show, we have discovered live streaming as an alternative and hope to meet you in one of online Whiskey talks.

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