Camp Cover manufactures both ammo box organisers and ammo box covers. The organiser inner pockets serve as an essential and necessary protective lining for the ammunition boxes to ensure hassle-free organisation and protection of the contents. The bags are of undeniable quality and have been made from durable materials and heavy duty zips and sliders. The covers offer exceptional quality and can therefore be used as the ultimate packaging solution for roof racks, as well as stand-alone storage units.  

The vehicle accessories include reserve covers, storage system organisers, bags and protective covers for various tools. The accessories are made of very durable ripstop and have an undeniable quality. The covers are available for spare wheels of all sizes with highly visible reflective printing. The storage systems are a well thought-out multi-functional storage solution that can be used in tents, vehicles and kitchens with equal practicality.

The various bags from Camp Cover are available for every conceivable purpose and in every size and shape. Whether you're looking for a picnic bag, a laptop backpack or a storage bag for your sand sheets, you'll find it at Camp Cover. From shopping bags and toilet bags to a carrier bag for firewood, there is everything. With Camp Cover bags, you can make perfect use of your storage space and always have everything in order in your car or tent.

The bags, protective covers and camping accessories from Camp Cover are the standard in southern Africa. Hardly any off-road vehicle is on tour without the practical and robust products from Cape Town. The extensive product portfolio offers a solution for almost every transport task, whether in or on the car. We have selected the most interesting products from a range of over 100.  Camp Cover offers products of the highest quality by paying attention to details and selecting and handpicking locally produced raw materials and components of undeniable quality. The materials are UV treated, colourfast and robust enough to withstand the harshest conditions. In addition, Camp Covers have only UV-treated and colour-fast YKK zips and sliders. These are 100% manufactured locally. They also provide exceptional quality and robust protective covers and storage solutions for the 4x4, outdoor and camping industries.