James Baroud thermal insulation has been specially developed for the brand's tents. It also saves several degrees of heat. 

This kit is attached to the inside of the tent and serves as an additional insulation layer to increase comfort in extreme temperatures. It helps to raise the temperatures in the tent in winter. You have to unhook the kit before you can close the tent.

The James Baroud Falcon shower is spacious and super quick to install and can remain attached to the roof rack of the car or van.

The Falcon shower cubicle consists of a rubberized, waterproof, UV-resistant and antistatic fabric and a transparent, black-tinted soft plastic.

Easy access to the vehicle without leaving the shower cubicle.

James Baroud tunnel, allows entering the tent without contact to the outside, can be attached with Velcro in the opening of the awning and it´s also windproof. 

A canopy that can be mounted on top of the tent if necessary and attached to the opening of the awning with Velcro. 

It provides perfect coverage of the entrance when it rains.