The plastic sand sheets from the Taiwanese manufacturer HEBE® are an attractive alternative to conventional metal sand sheets or the heavyweight fiberglass waffle boards. Manufactured from impact and shatterproof polypropylene (PP) plastic, they facilitate vehicle recovery in mud, sand and snow. They also withstand severe bending without the risk of breaking and can be used down to a temperature of -30° Celsius.

They are significantly lighter and easier to use than conventional sand sheets made of aluminum or steel. Simply slide the flattened ends under the tires as far as possible and off you go. Large knobs give the tires very good grip. Side carrying handles make handling easy and, unlike aluminum sand sheets, there are no sharp edges that can damage the vehicle or even injure your hands. This also makes it easier to transport on or in the vehicle.

The lifting sand trays are available in three different designs and sizes. They all have the same basic use, but they are suitable for different vehicles.

The delivery is always in pairs. The color is orange.

Size: 121 x 35 x 5 cm
Weight: 3.25 kg / track

Universal Plastic sandboard for vehicle recovery. Flattened at both ends. Six carrying and recovery handles. Four mounting holes. For transport, the two sand plates can be connected with four Velcro straps.

Size: 115 x 35 x 5 cm
Weight: 3.65 kg / track

Specially designed for use in sand and snow. The sandboard can also be used as a shovel thanks to the handles on the end and sides and the specially shaped front. The two sandboards can be connected to each other with a clamp for use on an even surface. For transport, the two sand plates can be connected with the clamp and two Velcro straps.

Size: 150 x 45 x 6 cm
Weight: 5.65 kg / track

Oversized Plastic sandboard for use with large vehicles such as RVs or trucks. Flattened on both sides. Four mounting holes. For transport, the two sand plates can be connected with four Velcro straps. The sand sheets are stackable.

If a vehicle has dug itself into the sand, it is usually sufficient to move the mountain of sand in front of the Remove tires and slide the board under the tires as far as possible. If you can still drive backwards, then simply reverse and place the sandboard on the hollow. Recovery becomes easier when both tires on one axle have grip. Therefore, use sandboards on both sides.

On vehicles without a differential lock, one wheel often spins while the other wheel, which has grip, simply stops. Here, too, simply push the sandboard under the spinning wheel, which is usually not a problem due to the flattened sides, and start driving.

But the HEBE sandboards don't just help the recovery of broken-down vehicles, but also help to overcome obstacles that otherwise seem insurmountable due to a lack of traction or could only be overcome at high speed with the risk of an accident or damage to the vehicle. The driveway onto a dam is an example of an obstacle that initially appears easy.

When using it, make sure that the tires are not on the road for too long or too intensively to let boards go crazy. The resulting heat can melt and damage the boards.

HEBE plastic sand plates are intended for use on the ground. If they are only partially attached, they will bend under load, but will not break. They are therefore not suitable for use as a "bridge" to overcome ditches. If necessary, it can be used as a climbing aid on steps that are too high to overcome without aids.

For the reasons mentioned above, HEBE does not provide any load capacity for the sand plates on.

HEBE sandboards are made of extremely break-proof PP plastic and can withstand severe bending without risk of breakage. They can therefore also be used to drive onto obstacles or to cross narrow fords. Even if they bend a lot, they always offer enough traction to overcome the obstacle.

When driving over the sandboards, they can hit the vehicle due to uneven loading hit or be thrown against the vehicle if the wheels are spinning and the ground is loose. Sharp-edged aluminum sand sheets or the heavy waffle boards can then cause serious damage to the vehicle. This risk is relatively low with the HEBE plastic boards.

When used on soft ground, the sandboards may be pressed deep into the ground. Here, too, the light plastic boards have an advantage. Retrieval is facilitated by the handle openings. There is no risk of injury when handling due to the lack of sharp edges and rough surfaces. Sandboard recovery can be simplified by tying a rope. Because many a sandboard stuck deep in the dirt has not been found again.

1) Prevents jack stands or caravan stands from sinking into soft ground 

2) provides a good base for soft ground

3) Stability

4) Compressive strength

5) Capacity 3 tons