Since 2004, Escape Gear has been handcrafting high-quality custom seat covers, dashboard covers and spare wheel covers for many SUV, off-road and pickup vehicles. The covers are breathable, cool, comfortable and protect your upholstery from bright sunlight as well as spills, dust, mud and dirt. With durable materials and meticulous craftsmanship, the seat covers are designed to withstand the elements and keep your vehicle's interior in top condition. Our spare covers not only add a stylish accent to your vehicle, but also protect your spare tyre from off-road challenges. Tough and durable, they offer the perfect combination of form and function. 

Escape Gear is your partner for high-quality bags and storage systems in the outdoor and off-road sector. The product range includes a diverse selection of bags, document folders or map folders, notebook bags but also travel bags that accompany you to the remotest corners of the world. The products can be purchased in either a specially developed Tough Canvas or in traditional Canvas. Whether you are exploring remote trails, going on off-road expeditions or simply enjoying the freedom of nature - with Escape Gear products you are well equipped.


 polycotton tough canvas

Polycotton Tough Canvas

What exactly makes our Polycotton Tough Canvas fabric so remarkable? It's simple: it's a specially developed polycotton, a combination of 100% real cotton and synthetic polyester fibres. The fabric is designed to give you the comfort and feel of organic cotton, while having the technical properties, durability and wear resistance of a synthetic product.

Extra Strength

Water Repellent



Traditional 100% Cotton Canvas 

Our traditional 100% cotton canvas is made from 500g heavy cotton. It's intricately woven to create a compact and strong material. Not only does it fit effortlessly to your upholstery (and prevent wrinkling when getting in and out), but it also fully protects the interior of your vehicle.

Extra Comfort

Water Repellent

Perfect for Summer

Warm for Winter