Discover now the versatile James Baroud side awning - the perfect addition to your camping adventure. It is available in widths of 200 cm or 250 cm and can be extended to a retractable length of 270 cm. This awning gives you extra protection and comfort.

Mount the James Baroud side awning on the side of your vehicle and use it with or without a tunnel as needed. The simple C-rail mounting makes installation quick and easy.

With the optional side wall, you can create your own private space while camping. Protect yourself from prying eyes or just enjoy a little more privacy. The side wall is a great addition to your side awning.

Customize your camping experience with the James Baroud side awning and optional accessories. Enjoy shade and protection from the sun, rain or wind and create your own retreat.

Discover now the James Baroud Falcon 270° awning - the ideal solution for protection and comfort during your outdoor adventures. With a length of 250 cm, a width of 17 cm and a height of 20 cm, this awning offers you generous space for relaxing moments outdoors.

The Falcon 270° awning comes with fixable brackets to which you can securely attach the awning. This ensures a stable and reliable installation, so you can enjoy the full protection of the awning.

So that the Falcon 270° awning fits perfectly to your vehicle, the awning is available for the left or for the right side of the vehicle. So you can align and mount the awning optimally.

With the Falcon 270° awning you expand your outdoor area and create a pleasant and protected environment. Whether you want to protect yourself from the sun, keep out light rain or just relax in the shade, this awning will provide you with the protection and comfort you need.

Discover now the practical Odyssey awning from James Baroud - the ideal complement for your Odyssey roof tent. With a size of 170 x 240 cm (length/width), this awning offers a generous area to provide you with shade and protection from the sun.

The Odyssey awning can be easily and quickly attached to the C-rail, which is located on the Odyssey roof tent. This convenient mounting option makes installation a breeze and allows you to set up and take down the awning in no time.

Please note that the James Baroud Odyssey awning is designed more as a sun sail and is specifically designed for the Odyssey roof tent.

With the James Baroud Odyssey awning, you can relax outdoors and enjoy the shade. Whether you're camping, at the beach or at a festival, this awning will give you the sun protection you want and add function to your Odyssey rooftop tent.


Check out the tunnels from James Baroud - the ideal solution to get into your tent dry and protected. The tunnel allows you a direct connection between the awning and the roof tent, giving you a convenient and comfortable camping experience.

The tunnels are available for all Panorama and Hybrid tents - Grand Raid / Evasion - Space - Odyssey.

All tunnels are quick to set up and just as quick to take down. With its easy handling you save time and can fully concentrate on your outdoor adventure. Plus, the Odyssey Tunnel has a 2-in-1 feature, as you can remove the center section of the tunnel, leaving you with just a small rainfly over your tent entrance.

Enjoy the benefits of the James Baroud Tunnel and have an unparalleled camping experience. Order today and benefit from the quality and functionality that have made James Baroud a trusted brand for outdoor equipment.

Discover James Baroud's versatile side walls for your Falcon awning or side awning. Our side walls come as a convenient set and consist of three side walls plus a door.

The Falcon Side Walls by James Baroud: It instantly feels like your own personal resting place. With this straightforward setup, you can instantly create a comfortable atmosphere and feel like you're in your own retreat.

Create a protected space for relaxing moments in nature with our side walls and transform your outdoor area into a place of relaxation and rest. Experience the ease and functionality of our side walls by James Baroud and enjoy unforgettable outdoor experiences.