The James Baroud Falcon awning is currently the most advanced raid awning on the market. With its large wing, ultra-fast installation and exceptional wind resistance, it is the ultimate solution for adventurers who travel far away for long periods of time and want some comfort. 

Another advantage: its extraordinary living space when used as a living room with the walls. 

In the summer you can attach the mosquito net to your awning in infested countries to avoid the insects.

The awning is available in three sizes. With an extension of 270 cm and a width of 200 or 250 cm for mounting on the side of the vehicle and with an extension of 240 cm and a width of 130 cm for mounting on the rear of the vehicle.

Two continuous C-rails are embedded in the profile on the vehicle side. These can be used for assembly very easily, e.g. with hexagon screws and 90 ° angles.

To stow the awning, first fold the cross members into the aluminum profile on the vehicle and the height-adjustable feet into the outer profile. Then the awning is rolled up to the profile on the vehicle. For protection, a cover made of sturdy PVC tarpaulin is folded over the awning and closed with Velcro. A construction that is as simple as it is ingenious, like a lot by James Baroud.

An entry tunnel is available for the James Baroud roof tents Evasion, Grand Raid and Space. With this awning you can get into your roof tent protected from wind and weather and from prying eyes.

The awning canopies are made of the same material as the tents. The gray canvas with double seams consists of six aluminized layers that reflect the sun's rays, is UV-resistant, water-repellent and air-permeable.

The housing is made up of three panels and attaches directly to the awning, along with a zip fastener that allows them to be pinned together.

The enclosure has two large windows and a door that provides easy access and plenty of ventilation. The awning housing creates a completely protected space and gives your camping experience privacy and comfort..