With the side panel set, the Falcon 270° becomes the ideal refuge for on the go.

The side panels are one ideal addition to the large 270-degree awning from James Baroud. The set, consisting of five side parts, ensures a pleasant feeling of space and dry privacy, even on rainy days.

The height of the side walls of the Falcon is approx. 1.75 m and the rotting edge approx. 37 cm.

In combination with the passage that is already available in the awning, you can always get dry feet from the "living room" through the tunnel to the own roof tent. Practical: The set is delivered in a fabric bag that can easily be stowed away in the tent while driving.

This item is only compatible with the Falcon 270° RHS

The individual parts are only in the upper poles of the awning attached and connected to each other via a zipper. Now anchor it in the ground, done! This creates two entrances and three large window areas.

You can look out through the film from the inside, but no one can look in. Of course, the easy-to-open windows are equipped with a mosquito net or can be hung completely. As with the roof tent, James Baroud relies on the proven fabric quality of TenCate from Holland for the side walls

A set with three side walls with large windows and one door is optionally available for all three awning sizes. James Baroud has come up with a clever solution for this as well. A semi-circular profile with a subsequent keder rail is attached to the cross member and headliner and the side wall is pulled into the keder rail. This creates a wind and watertight connection. The front wall is pulled into the piping rail of the front aluminum profile and connected to the side walls with a zip.

The height of the side walls of the side awning is approx. 170-175 cm and the rotting edge approx. 30 cm.

The rounded windows are a real eye-catcher and stand out clearly from the usual functional buildings. Due to its exceptional size, it is pleasantly bright and friendly inside.

The windows, which are equipped with mosquito nets, can be closed opaque if necessary.