In the summer you can attach the mosquito net to your awning in infested countries to avoid the insects.


They have a double mosquito net and are tinted so that they offer good protection from prying eyes. This large living area offers space for 2 to 6 people. It offers ultimate protection whether it is raining, windy or even snowing.


When the living area is set up, it gives you access to the tent by passing through the awning with protection from rain and prying eyes.

The Falcon awning is the perfect travel companion to protect yourself from the midday sun, to protect yourself from the rain during breaks or to offer all the comforts of a 5-star campsite.

When the sun is too strong, the sash offers more than 10 m² of shade and, thanks to its aluminized fabric, provides 8 ° less heat compared to other awnings on the market.

Another advantage: the fender covers the side and the rear of the vehicle. If we want to access the trunk, we are always protected. Very handy when it rains or snows. With the traditional awning, in heavy rain we have to open and close the rear door to gain access to the refrigerator, camping furniture or kitchen utensils.

With the Falcon awning, we can leave the door open permanently without having to worry about flooding the rear of the vehicle.