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Engineered for the tough African bush, SnoMaster´s cooler and freezers are unique on the market.

Customer satisfaction has always been a main focus in the development. No compromises are made in terms of quality and performance. 

The portable fridges are constantly being improved. That’s why no other fridge has so many useful features.

Roof Top Tents

On the road again you are free.
But you will never know how your next stop will look like.

Our rooftop tents are designed to provide you maximum comfort in even most adverse conditions. From chilling winds in Iceland to scorching heat of the Sahara.

All fastenings, shingles and closures are designed to last many years and thousands of kilometeres on vibrating tracks without sustaining damage.


Find the ultimate lightening for your car and be on the safe side.

Be it ECE-approved lights, working lights or integrated grill kits, we help you find the light.

Our Models offer a greater range, a better light distribution, and a more advanced intelligent beaming system than most standard car lights.


Ironmann4x4, developed in the Australian outback, famous for its suspensions and off-road accessories, have been awarded the official TÜV Nord certification.

Ironmann4x4 suspensions are now in stock for common pickup models.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we help you find the right suspension for your car.

What's new

Canopy Camper

Wouldn’t it be a great to have a canopy with a build in roof-top-tent?
That’s exactly what the Alu-Cab Canopy Camper is.

The Alu-Cab Canopy Camper is a canopy with a build in root-top tent.

The aluminum canopy offers a spacious interior and is easily accessible from all sides.

The build in roof tent then converts it to a real camper.

When open, you can stand inside and climb from inside into the tent.

Your pick-up remains suitable for all terrains just with the advantage of a Camper.

Khaya Camper

The Khaya Camper is one of the most innovative campers for a pick-up vehicle.

Made entirely of aluminum, the camper is light but strong,

 compact in size 

and does not affect the off-road capabilities of your car.

Bags & Storage

Proudly made in South Africa, with local employment using only high-quality materials.

These are the features for all our bags, covers and storage systems.

You don’t go on a trip without them.

Check out all the variety there is, you will find something for yourself.

More Questions?

Would you like to to see and try our products for yourself?

Or would you just like to get your questions answered in person?

Here you can find our shop's location and our social media channels.