The Alu-Cab 270° awning provides a cooling area of shade within seconds. Strong, lightweight and easy to handle, the awning is so well designed that it can be set up in a flash and stowed away super easily. It covers the side of the vehicle and also at the complete rear from the sun and rain - so in total it provides an area of 10m².

Light, strong and easy to handle - The 2m awning from Alu-Cab is quick and easy to set up and still provides 6.1m² of shade! It still includes the shortness 270 ° and is therefore perfect for smaller cars, such as the Suzuki Jimny. The awning covers both the side and the rear of your vehicle.

Freestanding, easy assembly & quick installation - With the Alu-Cab 180° awning the complete vehicle side is covered - left or right! The awning is mounted in seconds and also dismantled again. With its 180° the awning offers a shade area of 7.7m². It is designed for cars with upward opening trunk.


The fabric is acrylic-strengthened and has a heat-reflective silver coating on one side. It has an additional water-repellent coating on the upper side of the material, which allows water to bead off. The awning fabric (315g/m²) has a water column of 600 mm and consists in the basic fabric of 100% polyester, which is particularly elastic and additionally impregnated with an acrylic-based resin.

Articulated arms

All three awnings have three articulated arms made of 1.6 mm thick hollow aluminum profile. The rectangular profile gives additional stability without extra weight. A support rod is included in the delivery. The hinges to which the articulated arms are attached are made of 5 mm thick stainless steel with nylon bearings.


All three awnings - 270, 180° and 2m awning - is a free-standing awning. That is, the awnings hold and protect you from the sun and rain without further stability. However, in the middle aluminum arm is a support rod installed, which can be folded out and should be used in storms or strong winds.

Side walls

The Alu-Cab side walls - suitable for the 270° Shadow Awning!

The side walls create a private space under the awning in seconds. Neither wind, rain nor unwanted looks can stand in the way of your perfect camping vacation! Assembly and disassembly is done by Velcro and zipper in seconds.


Find the right bracket for your vehicle!

To be able to mount the Alu-Cab awnings firmly and securely on the vehicle, you need the right brackets. From the normal basic brackets on Alu-Cab roof tents, lifting roofs, crossbars to universal brackets.

more accessories:

Storm Kit 


Awning protector

Side walls poles

Material repair kit