Due to the increasing popularity of off-road vehicles, the brand "IRONMAN 4x4" was introduced for springs and spare parts. According to the company, conventional suspension systems were not up to extreme requirements. In particular, the additional weight of bull bars, winches and the increased demand for fuel is easily handled by Ironman 4x4 suspensions. Ironman 4x4 differentiates between 4 chassis (Comfort, Performance, Constant Load, Ex. Constant Load) in order to offer the right chassis for the most diverse requirements. From long distance comfort to suspension for permanent cabins, you will find everything your vehicle needs. Genesis Import is proud to be able to offer an ABE, a genuine "General Operating Permit", for the Australian chassis from Ironman4x4 for more than 10 current models. So if you want to be on the safe side when it comes to off-road and suspension upgrades, go for the original - the ABE suspension from Ironman 4x4! Likewise, Ironman 4x4 suspensions can increase the load of your vehicle to 3.5 tonnes. The increase of a vehicle's weight means the certified increase of the permissible total weight in the vehicle registration certificate. This means that your vehicle can withstand a total weight of up to 3.5 tonnes. This is where the strength of Ironman4x4 suspensions comes into its own!

Ironman 4x4 offers a wide range of rugged vehicle accessories, including underride guards, roof boxes and seat covers. These products help you better equip your vehicle for your adventures and protect it in the most important places.

Ironman recovery accessories provide rugged and reliable solutions for off-road enthusiasts and adventurers. From powerful winches to robust shackles and sturdy sand plates, these accessories enable safe and efficient recovery of vehicles in difficult terrain.

Ironman camping accessories have everything you need for a comfortable outdoor experience. From folding chairs and handy tables to folding toilets, these accessories will ensure you enjoy maximum comfort on your travels. Robust materials and thoughtful design ensure durability and functionality, whether you're sitting around a campfire or need a toilet solution on the go.

Ironman 4x4 drawer systems provide practical and organised solutions for storing equipment in the vehicle. Thoughtful design and durable materials ensure easy storage and quick access to essentials while on the road. Whether it's tools, camping equipment or personal items, the drawer systems optimise storage space and add convenience.

Ironman 4x4 water tanks are reliable companions for your outdoor adventures. They offer a practical way to transport and store water safely and hygienically. Thanks to different sizes and mounting options, there is a suitable water tank for every situation. Whether for camping, off-road tours or long journeys - with the water tanks from Ironman 4x4 you always have a reliable water supply at hand, no matter where your adventure takes you.

The cases, boxes and bags from Ironman 4x4 ensure safe and well-organised storage. Robust cases protect, stackable boxes optimise space and well thought-out bags keep small parts close at hand. Whether off-road or camping, with these accessories you can always keep track of your equipment.