Already in 1958 the company was founded as a spare parts manufacturer called Jacob Spring Works (JSW) in Melbourne. At the beginning of the 1980s, the JSW Parts company specialized in suppliers and designers for door leaves and spiral springs for motor vehicles, trucks, buses and off-road models and gained worldwide recognition as a supplier of spare parts. Due to the increasing popularity of off-road vehicles, the step was taken in 1988 to introduce the "IRONMAN 4x4" brand for springs and spare parts. Conventional chassis were not up to the company after extreme demands. In particular, the Ironman 4x4 undercarriage easily coped with the additional weight of the front protection bars, cable winches and the increased need for fuel. The expansion of the product portfolio in 2004 is due to the extremely positive development in the 4x4 market. Solution-oriented accessories such as cable winches, recovery equipment, protective bars, lights and electronic aids were thus offered to off-road drivers.