Genesis Import GmbH is one of the largest European wholesaler company in the overlanding and off-road market, Genesis Import is based in the centre of Germany and have a dealer network all over the EU including UK, Norway and Switzerland. 

Genesis Import GmbH is renowned for introducing new Brands to the European market thanks to a very innovative and "thinking out of the box" marketing strategy, Genesis Import GmbH was the first company to launch the concept of "online show" and “online fair” that lead to a very successful customer satisfaction even during lockdown periods.

Our story or – the "decision" between working at McDonald´s or creating an own Brand. Genesis Import GmbH Founder and CEO Dror Harel is an Israeli born with a lot of passion for offroading, adventure and overland vehicle arrived in 2009 whit his family to Germany hoping to spend a few months with the family, to learn a new language and then going back home to Israel. 

But sometimes life works out different from plans and the Family decided to stay longer. When trying to figure out a way of living and looking for a Job, Dror found out that his options were few: either an illustrious career at McDonald´s or to establish his own Brand. 2010 he founded the company Steppenwolf 4x4 that in 2012 became the Genesis Import GmbH - and since then the Harel Family suitcases are covered in dust at the basement.

In the Genesis Import GmbH Product-Portfolio one can find many different solutions for the overland enthusiast´s vehicle. 

We strongly believe that when you stay inside your camper to have your morning coffee you will never be a able to discover the elusive “European elephants”, when they stepping quietly out of the woods at the dawn of a new day… 

But if your adventure, like we recommend, happens outside under a magnificent Alu-Cab Awning, holding the fresh brew in your hands, you might have a chance to see them!

Genesis Import GmbH´s story is strongly linked with the Story of Alu-Cab. 

It was an almost accidental encounter between Dror Harel and Jeremy Berg, the founder of Alu-Cab. 

Two men, so different from one another, but sharing the same dreams and passion about overlanding travel, lead to a great partnership and success! 

Thanks to this encounter Alu-Cab became a Worldwide leading Brand and Genesis Import GmbH an European success. 

Genesis Import GmbH is now shareholder and partner at Alu-Cab South Africa and responsible for the sole distribution of Alu-Cab products in Europe.

New brands?

Genesis Import GmbH is always on the lookout for new innovative ideas, new Brands (even if they are just start-ups) and new solutions.  

So, if you have an interesting Brand, Product, Idea or innovation: Don't hesitate to contact us!


We at Genesis import GmbH strongly believe in a sustainable and environmentally protected production line for our products and we are in a constant open dialogue with our manufactures all over the planet, looking for improvements and innovations to contribute to a smaller and more eco efficient footprint.

 Recycling, the choice of materials and fair wages are important pillars of a great partnership and the way to a safer future. 

Only then we can enjoy nature and wildlife in the true sense as we wish to find it on our adventures…