T-Max Kompressoren 72/160 Liter
With an output of 160 liters of air per minute, the compressor 160 is generously dimensioned and also suitable for the comparatively quick inflation of large off-road tires. The maximum pressure is 10.3 bar (150 PSI). With handle for easy handling.
The compressor is connected directly to the battery using two insulated crocodile clips and switched on and off using a switch. The power consumption under load is a maximum of 45 amperes. The maximum power is achieved with the engine running and at a voltage of 13.8 volts . The sound pressure level in normal operation is 93 db (A). Air can be released from the connected tire via a valve on the compressor. The compressor is equipped with an electronic fuse against overload, so there is no need to change the fuse in the event of an overload. The compressor can be switched on and off via a switch and there is no need to disconnect the battery to switch it off, as is necessary with the compressor 72.
Thanks to the electronic fuse integrated in the compressor and the on / off switch, the compressor is also ideally suited for permanent installation in vehicles.
Scope of delivery: Carrying bag, tire inflation valve (without filling / emptying buttons) with hose and pressure gauge, extension hose, adapter attachments for e.g. air mattresses and balls Advantages compared to Compressor 72: Air release valve, significantly higher air output, insulated connection terminals, electronic fuse.

T-Max Kompressor 160 Testsieger
In 2012 the magazine 4x4action tested 12 compressors in the price range up to 350 euros in a practical way. The test winner was the T-MAX Kompressor 160! Incidentally, the T-MAX also clearly distanced the compressor from the 900 Euro class, which was used as a reference device by ARB in the test.

“A surprisingly clear test winner and a heavyweight on top of that: The T-Max 160 is the heaviest compressor in this test, with the exception of the ARB device that runs as a reference. But this deficiency - anyone who has to save weight in the car is annoyed about every gram - the T-Max ironed out with a proud seven out of 16 top ratings. He clearly distances himself from the competition in all areas. The device itself chooses the quiet appearance and makes pleasantly little noise at 86 dB (A). A fair offer at a good price. "

— 4x4action 2012
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The Genesis Import compressed air adapter is used to connect compressed air tools with plug-in nipples of nominal width 7.2 according to the European standard to T-MAX compressors. Since the plug and coupling are interchanged on the compressors for safety reasons, the adapter consists of two couplings. The compressed air adapter can be connected directly to the compressor, in which case an air line (red in the figures) with connections of NW 7.2 may be required, or directly on the tool using the T-MAX compressed air hose (yellow in the figures). The adapter is shut-off on both sides. For this reason, the compressor may only be started up when the compressed air tool is inserted and the air outlet is open, i.e. when the tool is switched on. The two couplings of the adapter are of very high quality, made of brass and Made in Germany.


Please note: The T-MAX compressors reach a maximum pressure of over 10 bar. Although they are equipped with a pressure relief valve for safety, operating the compressor against a closed outlet can lead to a defect in the compressor or the air line. Corresponding damage to the compressor or the accessories is excluded from the guarantee and warranty.