Mercedes-Benz X-Class Progressive Edition 

Bering White Metallic; EZ: 03/2018; KM: 43500

Power: 140 kW; Displacement: 2298 cc; automatic transmission

Equipment packages: Parking package with 360-degree camera, style package, winter package

The vehicle was extensively rebuilt at Genesis Import to create a perfect vehicle for exhibitions and overland trips. An Alu-Cab roof tent 3.1 was mounted on the Alu-Cab hardtop, along with a 270-degree awning and a shower. The hardtop is equipped with various storage options that leave nothing to be desired when camping. Table, chairs, cooking facilities and a drawer system are on board for immediate use. A lift kit with ABE from the Australian manufacturer Ironman4x4, in conjunction with the body lift from Delta4x4, ensures more than sufficient ground clearance for future adventures off the beaten track. Forged aluminum rims and new BF Goodrich tires in the dimension 285/60 R18 ensure stability and safe passage. 

All the accessories installed can be found in the list or in the products linked above. The installed products ultimately result in the final price of € 50,800. - the car itself (23,750 €) included!

- already sold!

The heavy-duty hardtops from Alu-Cab are unique on the market in many ways. They are made almost entirely of aluminum and are therefore durable as well as UV and corrosion resistant. Despite its low weight, the aluminum frame ensures extreme stability and allows heavy loads to be loaded onto the roof. Thanks to C-rails, interior fittings can be attached to the frame easily, stably and reliably. C-rails on the roof make it easy to assemble cross and roof beams. 

The Alu-Cab roof tent is one of the best hard shell roof tents on the market. Made entirely of aluminum, it withstands even the toughest loads and can be opened and closed again in no time at all. The tent is 2.30 m long, 1.40 m wide and weighs 78 kg. A comfortable interior height of 1.60 m, LED lights and USB plugs make this tent a comfortable place to sleep.

This Alu-Cab hardtop sidebox offers the possibility to accommodate a variety of equipment and accessories. The rescue set is equipped with a grid on the rear wall in order to attach equipment required for a rescue or simply generally transportable equipment. This is especially done for heavier pieces with M8 eye nuts and straps. However, the accessories must be purchased separately.

The Alu-Cab camping table holder is the first thing that is set up on arrival and ideally the last accessory that is packed at the end of a trip. The table bracket for the hardtop is mounted on the underside in the roof and makes ideal use of the space in the hardtop. Like most products from the African manufacturer,

The Alu-Cab camping table is made almost entirely of aluminum. The advantage lies in the low weight, which nevertheless guarantees a high level of stability. The table has a strong aluminum frame with feet that snap into place via the gas pressure springs. This makes it easy to set up without much effort.

Equipment can be safely stowed in this additional storage space of the Alu-Cab roof box on the vehicle roof. The box is completely sealed and the cargo stays dry. Closing is effortless thanks to the newly developed lever system. This mechanism ensures that the box only has to be closed from one side.

The Alu-Cab Shower Cube can be used as a shower or simply as a privacy screen. It can be opened and assembled quickly, so changing clothes or showering is only a few minutes away. The opened main box acts as a shelf for you to place your shower supplies (just remember to remove them before closing the cubicle).

The double Alu-Cab drawer system consists of a total of two drawers, both of which can be pulled out. The drawers are built into the loading area inside the hardtop and provide plenty of storage space. 

The Lazer Utility-45 LED is a work light that was upgraded in 2018 to offer even more visibility, higher intensity and improved light distribution, and to enable safer working environments. The 50 lux line is defined by HSE as the effective illuminance for night work outdoors. This product was developed to withstand the most difficult environmental conditions.

The Alu-Cab sidebox with kitchen kit is attached to the side flap of the hardtop. This means that all kitchen utensils are neatly stowed away and ready to hand. Everything is directly available without the hassle of unpacking boxes or bags. Perfect for a quick stopover. The side compartment is incl. Equipment and appropriate brackets. All parts are secured with rubber bands to prevent them from falling and rattling. 

This small Alu-Cab coffee table is perfect for a short coffee break. It can be attached quickly and easily to the side of the hardtop and then offers a practical work surface. If it is no longer needed, it can be folded up flat and simply stowed in the holder provided for it. It can either be tidied up on the inside of the hardtop door or attached to the side of the hardtop. 

The Alu-Cab 270 ° awning is stronger, lighter and easier to use than other awnings on the market. It is so well constructed that it can be set up very quickly and easily stowed away again. When opened, the awning covers an area of approx. 10 m². It covers the side and the rear of a vehicle and protects against sun and rain. When closed, it is 2.60 m long and weighs approx. 25 kg.

Complete set with Lazer Lamps grille mounting kit and two LED headlights Triple-R 750 Standard. The cable set LL-2L-LP-120 (automatic, solder connector) is also included in the scope of delivery for easy cabling. The radiator grille mounting kits are the tailor-made solution for the easy installation of Lazer Lamps LED headlights in the original radiator grille of the vehicle.

The Ironman4x4 damper for demanding and tough jobs, on and off the road. With a diameter of 67 millimeters, the Foamcell PRO has enough coolant and does not give up on the longest vacation stage or in the toughest terrain. The special feature: the front suspension struts are adjustable and preconfigurable and make the Foamcell PRO the perfect companion for every requirement specification. Whether winch or off-road bumper - thanks to its configurability, the shock absorber can be perfectly adjusted to the needs on and off the road.

The Alu-Cab ladder for the Adventure Hardtops (49 cm) is of course available for both sides, here: on the right. In order to assemble this ladder, however, it is necessary to drill. If you have any questions about the installation, you can contact us.

further equipment: 

  • Alu-Cab chair holder for 2 camping chairs € 599

  • Alu-Cab can holder on cross member € 304

  • Alu-Cab can holder on hardtop left side € 304

  • Alu-Cab Ammo Box Slider € 274

  • Delta4x4 front bar € 647

  • Delta4x4 Body-Lift-Kit € 2,216

  • Delta4x4 wheel cover € 2,149

  • Delta4x4 electronic speedometer X-Ki € 534  

  • Delta4x4 aluminum rims Classic B, matt black 4x € 2,424

  • Front Runner Expander Chair 2x € 170