The closed James Baroud awning is 250 cm long, 17 cm wide and 20 cm high. It can be mounted on the Rhino-Rack, the AEV Roof Racks and on Alu-Cab roof racks. The two fixing brackets supplied are fastened with screws in the C-rails on the back of the awning. The other side of the bracket is then attached to the roof rack. The main profile is made of aluminum with an iron bracket for the four swivel arms. Three arms swing backwards, one forwards. In addition, an opening for the tent tunnel is integrated in the awning. Optional side walls can be attached, which can be pulled into a piping rail.

The James Baroud roof tent Space combines the advantages of the other two tent series. Those who change clothes in the tent will appreciate the generous height inside and tall people will be happy about the 50 cm high footwell. And through the large windows and doors, you can enjoy the surroundings while sitting down with an unobstructed view.

The Lazer Lamps Sentinel applies Lazer Lamps' superior product design and manufacturing capabilities to a rounded lamp design. Exceptional light output optimised for daily on-road and off-road use is at the core of the product's appeal, along with styling to match any modern car, 4x4, light commercial vehicle or truck. Originally available in a 228 mm (9 inch) size, the range includes standard and elite lamps, as well as versions optimised for heavy truck installation.  

The James Baroud shower cube has a side door with a zipper system and a roof so that you are in an opaque cabin.