Key Features

  • Aluminum alloy construction for excellent strength to weight ratio

  • Up to 40% lighter than competing steel canopies

  • Naturally UV stable and corrosion resistant - will never rust (even if scratched)

  • 100% recyclable

  • Easy DIY installation in 45 minutes or less

  • Requires no drilling or assembly

  • Includes integrated roof rails for mounting load carriers, roof racks, awnings, solar panels or roof tents

  • 3-door opening and full length side doors (on DC) for maximum access to the canopy

  • Medium-flex waterproof hinges - prevents rainwater from dripping into the hood when the doors are open

  • Structural roof brace doubles as internal cargo tie-down rail (no drilling required)

  • Internal base frame creates additional tie-down points for overland, camping or workhorse applications

  • Strong aluminum construction and tamper evident locks for added security and peace of mind

  • Since 1999

  • Groundbreaking design and the first-ever aluminum adventure roof

  • Preferred top for the 4×4 rental fleets

Double Cab

Extra Cab

Single Cab

Adventure or explorer?

Main difference:

The Explorer model has a larger tailgate than the Adventure model

Alu-Cab's heavy-duty hardtops are unique on the market in many ways. Since the 1990s, when Alu-Cab built the first aluminum hardtop, the South African manufacturer's own travel experiences have been incorporated into the design. Three factors were critical to its success: weight, strength, versatility.

The challenge was to find a solution that was a combination of these three factors.

Aside from the obvious strength/weight advantages, aluminum is ideal for unrestricted use because of its unmatched corrosion resistance, UV stability and flexibility - essential properties in any off-road environment.

The hardtops are available in different colors and in different structures: black/silver, tread plate/smooth