Alu-Cab's heavy-duty hardtops are unique on the market in many ways. Since the 1990s, when Alu-Cab built the first aluminum hardtop, the South African manufacturer's own travel experiences have been incorporated into the design. Three factors were critical to its success: weight, strength, versatility.

The challenge was to find a solution that was a combination of these three factors.

Aside from the obvious strength/weight advantages, aluminum is ideal for unrestricted use because of its unmatched corrosion resistance, UV stability and flexibility - essential properties in any off-road environment.

The hardtops are available in different colors and in different structures: black/silver, tread plate/smooth


Full-width rear door, allows full access to the cargo area .


Full-width rear door, allows full access to the cargo area .


The Contour hardtop is available with or without side window flaps - any.

However, it has a window on the tailgate as a standard function!

Special features:

- only available in black

- available with glass panel (62 kg)

- available with normal side flaps (57 kg) 

- 750 mm side compartments fit

- Sliding window in front  

- additional brake light

- interior lighting

SLEEK NEW DESIGN Our canopies are CAD designed to ensure consistency and quality

FRAME TIG-welded aluminum profiles

PLATESCNC laser cut and bent aluminum sheet

DOORS "Center-Flex" waterproof hinges - prevents rainwater ingress when the door is open

LOCKS Reliable, tamper-proof and keyed alike

MASS Approximate weight. 57 kg for DC Canopy one of the lightest canopies of its kind, two people can easily lift

CONSTRUCTION made of aluminum alloy for one excellent strength to weight ratio

WEIGHT up to 40% lighter than competing steel canopies

MATERIAL inherently UV stable and corrosion resistant - will never rust (even if scratched )

ASSEMBLY No-drill assembly on most modern vehicles. "Load point attachment"

GAS STRUT High-quality units and "Made in Germany“

REINFORCED ROOF You can put 150 kg directly onto the roof loading

FIXATION Mounting rails are fitted to the canopy as standard - can therefore be fitted with M8 square head screws used, tie down

PACKAGING The canopy is packed in a reinforced cardboard box packaged to ensure safe delivery anywhere in the world

DESIGN Breakthrough Design and the very first aluminum adventure roof

ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION and man ipulation-proof locks for added security and peace of mind

TOP Preferred top for the 4×4 rental fleets

SYSTEM 3-door opening and continuous side doors (on DC) for maximum access to the canopy