The heavy-duty hardtops from Alu-Cab are in many ways unique on the market. Already since the 1990s, when Alu-Cab built the first canopy made of aluminium, the South African manufacturer's own travel experiences have been incorporated into the design. Three factors were decisive for the success: weight, strength,  and versatility. The challenge was to find a solution that combined these three factors.  
Apart from the obvious strength/weight benefits, aluminium's unsurpassed corrosion resistance, UV stability, repairability and flexibility - essential properties in any off-road environment - make it ideal for unlimited use.   
The versatility of a hardtop depends very much on the substructure, as well as the ability to accommodate a roof tent, crossbars, kitchen modules or many other bolt-on accessories. The aluminium frame provides extreme stability despite its low weight. Interior fittings can be easily and reliably attached to the frame thanks to C-rails. Further C-rails on the roof allow for easy mounting of crossbars and roof bars. Comparable steel hardtops weigh approx. half as much and even GRP hardtops are sometimes heavier and this with significantly reduced stability.  
Alu-Cab has spent almost two decades designing and developing hardtops to meet the requirements and needs of many people - whether they are a die-hard adventure traveller, surfer, fisherman, mountain biker or even occasional campers and business owners who want to use their hardtop for both work and leisure.  
Alu-Cab hardtops are the preferred choice of many car rental companies in Southern Africa. There they easily withstand loads to which they are not exposed in Europe.   
Hardtops are not just another product in the Alu-Cab portfolio. With a hardtop you have a lifelong companion for many adventures.