The fabric is reinforced with acrylic and has a heat-reflecting silver coating on one side (aluminum fabric). It has an additional, water-repellent coating on the top of the material that allows water to run off. The awning fabric (315g / m²) has a water column of 600 mm and the base fabric consists of 100% polyester, which is particularly elastic and has also been impregnated with an acrylic-based resin.

The construction of the fabric and the impregnation prevent fungal growth and thus also reduce the formation of mold.

The Alu-Cab 270 ° awning has three articulated arms made of 1.6 mm thick aluminum hollow profile. The rectangular profile gives additional stability without additional weight. A support leg is included in the scope of delivery.

The hinges to which the articulated arms are attached are made of 5 mm thick, rustproof stainless steel with nylon bearings.

A gutter is available to seal the area between the rear of the vehicle and the awning. This is particularly recommended for vehicles with a rear door that opens to the side. A piping rail must be attached to the vehicle for assembly. The gutter is then pulled into the piping rail on the awning and vehicle and then enables rain-protected access to the vehicle.


LENGTH (closed): 2.6 m²

WEIGHT: 24kg



BRACKETS: Various options available, for attachment to strong roof racks, tents, mobile homes or load bars. The assembly is possible on the left as well as on the right!

There are no additional steps or poles to set up; You simply open the zipper and swivel the awning a full 270 °. It's so simple, one person can manage it.

With this wrap-around effect, you can enjoy 10 square meters of protection around the entire work area of your vehicle, especially where it is needed - in the rear area, where the drawer system, refrigerator and supplies are kept.

The awning has four heavy-duty aluminum arms that span the 270-degree spread, making the Shadow awning resistant to bad weather. Should the conditions worsen, the awning's center arm has a stowed folding rod with which the awning can be supported for additional support. In addition, each of the four arms has a lashing strap for really gusty conditions and you can also equip the awning with our optional Storm Kit.

Since we've made these additional supports a step-by-step option, you save yourself the need to set up poles and secure ropes when wind or rain are not a problem - perfect for a quick lunch break by the wayside! Since the 270º Shadow awning is made of reflective ripstop material, the awning ultimately casts a noticeably lower shadow temperature.

Da die Alu-Cab Markise variabel montierbar ist, gibt es unterschiedliche, jeweils dafür geeignete Halterungen.

The Alu-Cab 270° awning is stronger, lighter and easier to handle than other awnings on the market.

It is so well constructed that it can be set up very quickly and easily stowed away again. When unfolded, the awning covers an area of approx. 10 m². It covers the side and rear of a vehicle and protects against sun and rain.

Whether you want to explore the outback of Australia, the bush of Africa or the Alps of Europe, no camping accessory is more important than an awning.

For experienced campers, the awning is often one of the first purchases of camping accessories, because they know that quick shade in the sun and protection from the rain when traveling are crucial.

The Alu-Cab 180° awning is, so to speak, the narrow version of its predecessor - the 270° awning.

It is also 2.60m long, but casts a shadow area of 180°. The 180° awning weighs 24 kg.

The two awnings are similar in most respects: 

The awnings have aluminum arms that support the awning and keep it stable - even in bad weather. Should conditions deteriorate, the awning's center arm features a stowed folding pole that provides additional support for the awning. However, the poles and additional lashing straps attached to them are only needed in wind or rain! In most cases, the awning can therefore be used freestanding. In addition, the awning is made of water-repellent impregnated fabric.

The Alu-Cab 2m awning is not very different from the conventional "270° Shadow Awning" - except that this awning fits perfectly on smaller cars. Despite the "only" two meters, there is a shadow zone of 270°, which offers enough space to cool down.In contrast to the other two awnings, the 2m awning weighs 18.5 kg.
Many of the special features of the classic "Shadow Awning" can be found here: 

The free-standing and self-supporting construction

The black cover with the Alu-Cab logo 

The stainless steel main frame 

The aluminum arms in aluminum cab design 

 Sun-reflecting and aluminized fabric 

Awning leg to deflect rain  ;

 Telescopic legs for extra support

The 2m awning is a perfect match for the Suzuki Jimny, for example !


  • Open bag

  • Loosen Velcro & put up

  • Bag up & Pull behind aluminum frame

  • Open awning

  • Fasten and tension at the back

  • Fold up the rain stand

  • Put up support legs if necessary


  • Fold down the rain guard (awning elbow)

  • Loosen the tension straps< /h3>

  • Pull the awning to the other side

  • Get the Velcro fasteners from behind

  • Roll up the fabric neatly from bottom to top

  • Pull the Velcro fasteners through the slots provided and close

  • Close the zip on the bag drag