The Alu-Cab "THOR" Kitchen-Kit is attached in the side box. This means that all kitchen utensils are neatly stowed away and ready to hand. Everything is directly available without the hassle of unpacking boxes or bags. Perfect for a quick stopover. All parts are secured with rubber bands to prevent them from falling and rattling.

The Kitchen-Kit Inlet has to be bought separately from the matching side box!

The Alu-Cab "THOR" recovery-kit must be purchased separately from the matching side box!

This includes the Alu-Cab side boxes (cupboards) which can be added as storage systems. The side compartments are available in black and as an empty option or as a rescue and kitchen set. Made of aluminum, the side compartments offer an individual stowage solution. Regardless of whether you want to store equipment, tools or other utensils. The side compartment offers individual scope for the needs of each individual.

With the Snomaster coolers and freezers of the Leisure Series, the South African company SnoMaster offers compact and, thanks to a compressor, powerful coolers for use in the vehicle cabin or in the trunk. They are ideal for daily use, short vacations, for camping, picnics, barbecues or for shopping. The plastic housing makes them lighter and easier to carry. Due to the reduced thickness of the insulation, the ratio of external dimensions to usable content is better compared to the cool boxes of the other series.

The Alu-Cab 270 ° awning is stronger, lighter and easier to use than other awnings on the market. It is so well constructed that it can be set up very quickly and easily stowed away again. When opened, the awning covers an area of approx. 10 m². It covers the side and rear of a vehicle and protects against sun and rain. When closed, it is 2.60 m long and weighs approx. 25 kg.

- already included in the Roof Conversion

The Alu-Cab THOR roof conversion, designed for the Landcruiser 76 series. The Thor Conversion is the latest 2-sleeper overland solution from Alu-Cab. When it comes to overlanding, the Landcruiser 76 is considered to be one of the best overland vehicles available. They are strong, capable, and reliable, which is important when overlanding. The THOR roof can be unlocked and opened in seconds and can also be closed with the bed linen inserted. Solar panels and roof troughs can be added to the roof, but be careful with the weight and placement of the products as the added weight will make your roof difficult to open. Universal screw side boxes can be attached to your vehicle as an accessory by simply replacing the rear windows. The boxes can be added as an empty cabinet or the Thor Kitchen and Thor Recovery Cabinet can be installed. Overlanding has never been so easy, so convenient and so incredibly powerful.