The TYPE HG is based on the idea of entrepreneur Fabrizio Caselani and was created in collaboration with designer David Obendorfer. Like the Caselani Type H, which was presented in 2017, the little brother's project is also intended to pay tribute to the automobile designer Flaminio Bertoni and his legendary Citroën Type H, which was first presented in 1947. Caselani and Obendorfer are still not interested in copying the forms of the original. Rather, the spirit of the iconic van is supposed to be captured and brought back to the streets with a nostalgic fiberglass sheathing.

You can find more information about the Caselani project on the following page:

Caravan Grebner, Würzburg

The basis for the type HG is a Citroen Spacetourer from the current series, which is available in different versions, lengths and engines.

 In addition to the eight standard colors, Caselani offers eight other special paint finishes, seven of which are based on classic type H models. Individual color combinations as well as your own company logo can be implemented as well as special graphics. 

Moreover all RAL and Pantone colors are available. 

The adapted lighting system combines the latest electrics with a classic look and is available in two different versions.

Our demonstration vehicle is a 4.95m long passenger van equipped with a 180 hp diesel engine and painted in the color Blue Lagoon pastel. 

With its unique corrugated iron design, the new type HG also refers to its predecessor and combines the look from the forties with the reliability from the 21st century.

 Be curious and accompany the Type HG on its journey to an exciting family camper.