The ultimate Alu-Cab hard-shell roof tents - Gen 3-R and Lightweight. Tough yet weight-optimized, made entirely of aluminum, they survive the toughest adventures. Open and close in the blink of an eye. The two different sized versions make the tents suitable for almost any car roof. Both car roof tents offer space for two people and maximum comfort. Whether for the occasional camping, extreme overlanding or long road trips - the Alu-Cab roof tents offer you the opportunity to sleep comfortably, safely and relaxed - no matter where you are! 

The Alu-Cab awnings - 270°, 180° and as a small 2m version - provide a cooling shaded area within seconds. Strong, lightweight and easy to handle, they are so well designed that they can be set up in a flash and re-trussed super easily. All three awnings cover the side of the car, and the 270° and 2m awnings also protect you from the sun and rain at the complete rear of the car. The 180° side awning covers the whole side of your car!

A roof modification with a Alu-Cab roof conversion eliminates the need to climb up and down ladders from the outside and creates additional space for luggage inside and on the pop-up roof, where you now have the option of mounting a full-size roof rack on the integrated C-rails. However, you should always keep an eye on the target weight so that the roof conversions - Hercules, Icarus or Thor - can still be opened and closed without any problems even when loaded. With direct access to the sleeping compartment, the Alu-Cab roof conversions are the perfect companions on Land Rover Defender and Toyota Land Cruiser - even for the really big adventures.

The Alu-Cab aluminum canopies for pickups are unique on the market in many ways. Since the 90s, when Alu-Cab started to produce the first aluminum hardtops, the South African manufacturer's own travel experiences have been incorporated into the design. Three factors were crucial for success: weight, strength, versatility. The challenge is still to find a solution and compromise that is a perfect combination of all these factors. Aside from the obvious strength/weight advantages, aluminum is ideal for unrestricted use because of its unsurpassed corrosion resistance, UV stability and flexibility-essential requirements of any off-road environment.

The Alu-Cab canopies are available in different textures: ribbed/smooth in black. However, they differ not only in color and structure, but also in model type. Alu-Cab has three different hardtop variants on the market: Adventure, Explorer and the brand new hardtop Contour. The Contour canpüy is available with and without side window. All three variants are available for almost every pickup truck

The Khaya drop-down cabin is available in two equipment variants and is in both variants a perfect offroad or camping camper! You cannot go wrong with the Khaya Camper - the cabin is a dream for every camping lover! Fully equipped in the "Comfort" version or with two additional sleeping places in the lower compartment in the "Family" version. This family version of the Khaya Camper is designed for travel with a pick-up camper with up to four people and differs from the Comfort version only in the interior design. Unlike the "Family" version, the "Comfort" camper offers a hob and sink unit at the bottom of the Khaya camper instead of the two possible sleeping berths. So the Alu-Cab Khaya Camper offers you space and every possibility like a living cabin.

The Alu-Cab Canopy Camper is the optimal combination of a stable aluminum hardtop and a spacious pop-up roof accessible from the inside. The Canopy Camper offers the perfect setup for camping, overlanding or road trips! With a now always integrated left awning, the practical pocket system in the interior and integrated LED lighting represents the canopy camper a perfect basis on the way to a ready-to-travel camper. The Alu-Cab Canopy Camper is available for almost any pick-up.