Alu-Cab Rear Door Drop Down Table

Price €475
incl. tax

Elevate your outdoor experience with the Alu-Cab Rear Door Drop-Down Table – the ultimate adventure companion. Crafted for convenience and durability, this versatile table seamlessly integrates into your Alu-Cab setup, providing a practical surface for meal prep, campsite activities, or a handy workspace. The Drop-Down Table gives you direct access to your chopping board. You don't need a separate table or a flat surface and immediately have a stable work surface for various tasks.

The Alu-Cab folding table is ingeniously constructed and has a smart, space-saving design to maximise the functionality of your equipment. When not in use, it can be folded up to save space.

The Drop-Down Table is available for 3 models:

Canopy  Camper

The right bracket: AC-A-CC-RD-DD-FK


The right holder: AC-A-IG-RD-DD-FK


The right holder: AC-A-LC-RD-DD-FK

Important features

Drop-Down Design: The ingenious design allows you to unfold the table directly from your vehicle’s rear door effortlessly. 

Ample Surface Area: Boasting a spacious surface area, our Rear Door Drop-Down Table provides plenty of room for prepping meals or hosting a picnic spread.

Sleek Appearance: High-quality materials such aluminium, stainless steel, and bamboo deliver a sleek appearance. It does not encroach on the interior of the vehicle when closed.

Power Point Knockouts: Multiple knockout points for adding any power accessory you may require.

Single Point Latch: For ease of opening the table using just one hand.

Weight Capacity of table: 15kg