The Expedition Gen 3.1 from Alu-Cab is based, like its popular predecessor Gen 3, on a light and at the same time durable aluminum construction.

The Alu-Cab roof tent is one of the most robust hard shell roof tents on the market. Made entirely of aluminum, the outer shell can withstand larger stone chips and is still very easy to open and close with the help of gas pressure springs.

The new C-rails now extend over the entire length of the roof and thus offer even more space for the transport of accessories on the upper outer shell.

Thanks to the practical 3-point access, the tent can either be climbed through the rear entrance or through one of the two side windows.

New features in Gen 3.1

All the new features are already with the Gen 3.1, but are also available and fitting for an upgrade in Gen 3.

The newly developed C-rails on the upper shell have been lengthened to enable the assembly of e.g. roof boxes or solar panels over the entire roof surface. In addition, Alu-Cab has particularly dealt with the topic of rain protection. In order to make the fixings uniform, there are no longer any different spring poles compared to the previous model.

In addition, in contrast to Gen 3, Gen 3.1 is no longer delivered with a rigid ladder. Instead, the manufacturer now includes an extendable telescopic ladder*.

The wide footboards prevent easy slipping. A corresponding aluminum bracket enables the ladder to be easily attached and detached.


Length - outside: 230cm - inside: 210cm

Width - outside: 140cm - inside: 130cm

Height open - outside: 200cm - inside: 160cm

Height closed - front: 21cm - back: 28cm

Weight: approx 78kg

The new Gen 3.1 is also ideally equipped for rainy days. A permanently installed raincoverat the rear is also included in the price, as well as an additional rain cover for the side*. Both can be rolled up to save space. Due to its shape, the side protection can be mounted on the left as well as on the right and is held in place with the help of spring poles, Velcro fasteners and a gas pressure spring. The raincoverat comes already with the Gen 3.1.

Under the high-density foam mattress in the new Gen 3.1 there is a breathable 3D mesh underlay*. It acts as a moisture barrier between the floor of the tent and the mattress. If condensation forms during the night, the pad prevents the foam mattress from getting wet. If it gets warmer during the day, the evaporated water can escape through the breathable materials. In addition, the mesh fabric serves as an extra cushion and ensures better weight distribution on the lying surface. The mesh underlay comes already with the Gen 3.1.

The Alu-Cab aluminum telescopic ladder* is also part of the basic equipment of Gen 3.1 and, compared to the previous model, no longer has to be ordered separately. The non-slip steps of the ladder and a pre-assembled bracket for hanging ensure safe entry and exit. When fully extended, the ladder has a length of 260cm. Pushed together in next to no time, the ladder measures only 120cm and can be stowed in the supplied bag. The telescopic ladder comes already with the Gen 3.1.