The Gen3 or Gen3.1 roof tent from Alu-Cab is the tent that everyone dreams of! Now that you've bought one you want to be sure that the tent will live a long and happy life together... We'll give you some tips and tricks to keep your Alu Cab tent in the best possible shape!

A waterproofing spray helps to keep the waterproofing stable. However, make sure that this spray is suitable for organic materials (canvas)! Follow the instructions and repeat the process until you get the expected result.

The tent fabric can be easily cleaned with water, soapy water or (if necessary) mildew and stain remover (mixed with water). Depending on the type of stain or dirt, apply in the order listed. Be careful not to use the stain and mildew remover directly on the canvas and not to aggressively rub the material. This could ruin the impregnation. (Subsequent impregnation is recommended)

To keep the aluminum shell clean, you can simply mix soap and water and wipe over the outer shell. If mosquitoes or other things get caught on the front, as with the car, they can be quickly removed with insect remover - can be processed like normal car paint.


Even good seams wear out after long use and can become leaky, this can be easily remedied with seam sealing.

Mechanical parts

Simply use a multifunctional spray over mechanically moving areas to protect them from corrosion - WD-40.en is suitable here.

Electrical parts

To keep the electrical parts inside and outside the tent in good shape, you can treat them with a contact spray.  

How do I store my roof tent correctly?

If you plan to store the tent for a long period of time, it is important to take all possible precautions to avoid condensation.

1) Take out the mattress and store it in a dry place

2) On a dry day, air the tent before closing

3) Try opening the tent occasionally for ventilation.

If you still have questions, you can watch this video in which Johnatan explains a bit more.