Premium Mattress for Canopy Camper in grey soft

The Premium mattress for the Canopy Camper is the ideal base for a restful night's sleep in your roof tent. The mattress is perfectly tailored to the dimensions of the Canopy Camper and offers a particularly high level of comfort. The included functional cover made of special hollow fibres is charac
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Price €490
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The EvoPore HRC material gives the mattress an exceptionally high level of comfort.

The dimensions are specially designed for the Canopy Camper and optimally adapted to the roof tent.

The layered construction with a firmer layer at the bottom and a softer layer at the top ensures maximum comfort.

The durable material, which is much more dimensionally stable and robust than conventional cold foams, ensures a longer service life.

The OptiDry functional cover creates an optimum microclimate by effectively regulating moisture and providing a dry feeling.

We offer a generous 10-year guarantee on the mattress to emphasise its quality and durability.