James Baroud Rooftent Odyssey M in White

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You thought you'd seen it all? There are no more innovations in roof tent type, material or design? Then we have to disappoint you! We have something very special for you! The next level for all those who use the car not only for driving, but for whom it is part of the lifestyle. With new design, im
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The new James Baroud Odyssey rooftop tent from the Frontier range combines the best features of its predecessors and enhances them with new ideas that make the overlanding experience even easier, making it probably the best hard-shell rooftop tent on the market.

The Odyssey M with panoramic window measures 200cm in length, 140cm in width and 100cm in height when open, or 33.5cm when closed. In it, two adults as well as a child will find enough space for the night, but also, for example, enough room to move. So it´s perfect for family camping! Due to its light weight, the Odyssey roof tent can be mounted by two people and fits almost all cars.

The most significant change to other roof tents is the new way of opening & closing, which is due to several changes. Firstly, there are only two buckles for closing, and secondly, a new patented closing mechanism of the four automatically opening hydraulic pressure dampers brings a more convenient way of stabilization. They are adjusted or released by means of light pressure and an audible click. Opening thus takes only a few seconds, while closing takes around one minute.

The hard shell is made of high quality, 4mm thick ABS by thermoforming. It is heat and light resistant, has a UV-resistant acrylic protective layer and has been tested in extreme weather conditions - making it a durable product that impresses with quality. The new streamlined and aerodynamic shape reduces possible noise caused by wind or strong gusts. The available colors are metallic gray, black and white.

The 3-layer roof tent fabric creates nearly 100% blackout with zippers closed and defies winds of up to 120km/h. The fabric is waterproof and has a sewn-in mosquito net. Another novelty is the modularity of the roof tent fabric, because each of the 6 parts can be replaced individually. This especially simplifies the repair of minor damage by eliminating the need to replace the entire fabric.

The external functions include the solar-charged, battery-powered fan, which helps against moisture and prevents mold. Through an integrated battery, this works up to 24h - even without sunlight. The included telescopic ladder can be transported in the tent while driving and consequently does not consume storage space in the car. It comes with its own bag and has rubber feet for better grip on slippery surfaces. The maximum carrying capacity of the ladder is up to 200kg. 

In the roof tent there is a new high-density foam mattress, which with its 65mm thickness provides a soft and cozy base for a restful sleep. The comfort is reinforced by a PVC floor covering. The magnetic LED lamp provides ample illumination at night with multiple modes and light colors, and can be charged via USB and attached by its own bracket. The roof fan provides comfortable air conditions at different temperatures by circulating air. Through the roof net, which provides space for two sleeping bags, for example, and several interior pockets, there is enough storage space for other items. You don´t need to worry about space shortage while camping!

Under the bottom are 4 C-rails, making the positioning and attachment to the loadbars variable. Loadbars can be mounted on the roof tent, which create space for luggage such as surfboards, solar panels or kayaks.



Lenght - Width- Height (open)

 200 x 140 x 100 cm 


68 kg  (mattress included)

Sleeping area

 190 x 138 cm

ABS Shell

The material ABS, short for acrynitrile-butadiene-styrene-copolymer, produces a smooth polymer surface.

Heat- and light-resistant 

UV-protective coating

Streamlined design 





UV, heat and water resistant 

includes mosquito nets 

100% blackout

double stitching

Complete Package