IronMan 4x4 Fahrwerk Mitsubishi L200 MR Comfort

The Ironman 4x4 damper selection:
 Nitrogas dampers: Suspensions, equipped with the nitrogas damper, stand for lifting at a moderate price. If you don't travel much off the road and don't put any special tasks on your permanent load, the nitrogas damper is a good and cheap choice for you. Well tuned, simple and solidly constructed, and of course equipped with ABE, for the German market.
 Foamcell damper: Thanks to The Foamcell technology and its increased volume, for serial damper, the Foamcell damper is the right choice for the high demands! Offroad, road and loading are his metier, he is a real all-rounder with good reserves up. In combination with the lifting springs, the Foamcell damper does not give itself any nakedness even during a longer journey off the road. Whether you are a user or an ambitious terrain – and travel era, the Foamcell gives you the perfect cushioning.
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IronMan 4x4 Suspension Mitsubishi L200 15+ Comfort w/ Gas Shocks.

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