Flipt Trunk Organiser, black

Flipt is a foldable cargo space organizer for many pickup vehicles. It is used to extend or divide the loading area and can be removed quickly if necessary. It is the perfect addition to any cargo space cover. When folded, it divides the loading area into two parts and thus prevents, for example, th
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Price €369
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How does it work?
  1. Store products with your filpt to prevent slipping/moving while riding.
  2. Utility Racks - Strap longer luggage overhead.
  3. Pull your bakkie container outward while securing your load inside the container.
  4. Flipt easily detaches from the bakkie and is strong and stable enough to be used as a table/chair.
  5. It helps save fuel
Key features:
  1. Flipt is made from highly durable and robust UV treated polypropylene
  2. Some moving parts are made of a 15% glass fiber reinforced nylon
  3. All UV treated for outdoor use
  4. The design is robust, durable and reliable.
  5. The mold is extra strong, once powder coated, exceptionally scratch resistant, durable and smooth
  6. The bars are made of rounded, oval extruded aluminum profile