A range of Lazer Lamps lens covers for the Sentinel lamps. The acrylic covers are securely attached to the lamps and provide an additional protective or styling layer for the lamps or, in the case of the amber lens cover, the ability to convert the color temperature of the light into selective yellow. 

As you would expect from a product bearing the Lazer Lamps 'Elite' label, the Sentinel Elite truly leads the way in terms of light output. The aesthetic appearance is the same secret black look as the corresponding standard product, but with a combination of 32 high-power LEDs (compared to the 20 of the standard), the Elite products offer more range, but above all a light distribution in the medium to to the long range of reach that leaves nothing to the imagination. Quite simply the best looking, most powerful, and most reliable round lamp on the market.

The Ironman 4x4 underrun protection can be perfectly integrated into your vehicle design with carefully positioned ventilation and water distribution holes. This protects the key components without compromising airflow and durability. When driving off-road, your vehicle is exposed to various obstacles such as stones, tree trunks, bumps and scratches, which can be a nuisance, especially in vehicles with low driving heights or independent suspension.