EZReloaded Tailgate Support for Fiat Fullback (2017)

Item No.ED-RL02000
Price €329
incl. tax

The tailgate damper is one of the best innovations for pickups and should actually be part of the basic equipment of every vehicle. It ensures convenient opening of the tailgate. The gas pressure spring prevents the tailgate from opening in an uncontrolled manner. This increases convenience, protects the fastenings and hinges of the tailgate and reduces the risk of injury. In addition, a set of special damped gas struts is installed, which automatically lift the bonnet and thus increase safety and convenience. In contrast to spring-based solutions, the tailgate always opens fully on its own and does not need to be pushed down manually.

The ezdown  damper offers the following advantages and safety features: 

  • EZDown - The safest way to open a tailgate.

  • The EZDown kit reduces the speed when lowering the tailgate and helps to close the tailgate.

  • Convenience for anyone who needs to open and close the tailgate regularly.

  • Made from high-quality, stable and rust-free materials.

  • Only one kit is required per vehicle.

  • The kit is supplied with all the necessary parts and easy-to-follow installation instructions.