EZDown Tailgate Damper VW Amarok - with torsion bar (2014-2022)

Item No.ED-ED0800
Torsion bars are torsion bars that your vehicle either has installed in the tailgate or not. The difference is that only one damper is required for a tailgate with a torsion bar, as the torsion bar already has a supporting effect, and two dampers are required for a tailgate without a torsion bar, as
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In the case of pickups in particular, which are used for commercial purposes, the vehicles are often not handled very carefully. Leaving liftgates open will damage the liftgate brackets over time and this can lead to costly repairs and vehicle downtime. In addition, the tailgate can fall on objects or a loading ramp when opening. The flap and objects can be damaged. The flap can be easily unlocked with one hand and no longer needs to be held when opening. An advantage that should not be underestimated, for example when you are holding cargo or bags in your hand.

The ezdown  tailgate damper offers the following advantages and safety features: 

  • EZDown - The safest way to open a tailgate.

  • The EZDown kit absorbs the speed at which the tailgate is lowered.

  • Convenience for anyone who needs to open and close the tailgate and bonnet regularly.

  • Made from high-quality, stable and rust-free materials.

  • Only one kit is required per vehicle.

  • The kit is supplied with all the necessary parts and easy-to-follow installation instructions.