EZDown Bonnet Lift for Ford Ranger (2023+)

Item No.ED-HL0590
Price €99
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The gas pressure springs help to open the often heavy bonnet of a pickup and keep it open reliably. The cumbersome handling of the handrail is no longer necessary. This is particularly helpful with higher vehicles, since the front edge of the open bonnet is often no longer accessible from the ground, depending on the body size.The complete system is easy and uncomplicated to retrofit. The installation is done without cutting or drilling.

The  ezdown  damper offers the following advantages and safety features: 

  • EZDown - The safest way to open your bonnet.

  • The EZDown kit makes it easier to open and reliably keeps your bonnet up.

  • Convenience when opening and closing the bonnet.

  • Made from high-quality, stable and rust-free materials.

  • Only one kit is required per vehicle.

  • The kit is supplied with all the necessary parts and easy-to-follow installation instructions.