With the Hercules roof conversion from Alu-Cab, your Toyota HZJ78 / GRJ78 can be easily transformed into the ultimate motorhome!

In it you will not only find space to sleep, but also to stand! Of course, your new camper also offers enough space for at least one other person, since the sleeping area is designed for 2 people. The 70 mm thick mattress with its two layers ensures optimal sleeping comfort.

Three openings equipped with mosquito nets offer a good view of the outside area and keep unwanted insects out. The rear entrance is covered with a shading and rain-proof canopy to be prepared for various weather conditions. At night, the LED reading lamps and lights provide sufficient brightness so that nothing stands in the way of a pleasant stay in the roof tent!

The new version of the roof conversion, developed together with Genesis Import for the requirements of the European market, is made of 2 mm thick aluminum and is based on the design language of the original roof. Integrated tubular struts provide additional stability and the C-rails on the roof make it very easy to mount accessories. The quilted headliner is equipped with insulating foam. From the 2019 season, Hercules will also be made with the two-layer 400g/mm Riplock tent fabric that is used in the other Alu-Cab tents. Thanks to the three-layer tent fabric with a polyurethane membrane and stretch function, the tent does not flap in the wind and is opaque and waterproof. The lifting roof can be opened in a few seconds using the gas pressure springs. A circumferential elastic band makes it easier to close.

The original roof of the vehicle must be cut out to install the lifting roof. The roof conversion is then placed on the cut-out roof and fastened from the inside with brackets. For this purpose, the entire roof is sealed from the outside with adhesive and sealing material.

It takes a little time to assemble a lifting roof, after all it is a roof conversion, but afterwards you have the option of accessing your tent, your clothes and your cupboards via an internal roof opening - and all this in an extremely powerful and compact package.

It only takes a few seconds to unlock and open the roof, and thanks to the fold-up bed and mattress, you can even stand up while changing. Finally, the roof can be closed with all your bedding, which means you don't have to struggle with stowing a sleeping bag and you don't have to find packing space for your duvet and pillows.

The load capacity of the loading rails on the roof is 50kg. It is important to note that the position of the load on the roof will determine how easy or difficult it is to open the tent. It is always recommended to carry heavier loads forward and lighter loads, such as B. to move a solar panel to the rear.

Aerodynamic Design: To minimize drag and fuel consumption

Construction: aluminum

Colours: black, white or beige

Fabric: 400g UV resistant, seam sealed, waterproof riblock canvas

Roof Insulation: Closed cell polyethylene foam and insulating quilt

Lighting: Two standard lights for reading / Three LED diffuse lights

Fits: 78 and 75 series

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