Alu-Cab Roof Conversion ''Icarus'' Land Rover Defender white

With the  Icarus roof conversion from Alu-Cab from South Africa  a Land Rover Defender can be easily transformed into the ultimate motorhome. In it you will not only find space to sleep, but also to stand! Of course, your new camper also offers enough space for at least one other person, s
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Price €9690
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We recommend having the installation carried out by one of our Alu-Cab lift top partners. In the event of self-installation, Genesis Import GmbH accepts no liability for any material defects or damage resulting from work carried out by the customer. This also applies to consequential damage caused by improper installation. (§464/EuGH Az- C-52/18) 

There are no installation instructions or TÜV documents for the lifting roof. When purchasing a retractable roof, the waiver in the appendix must be signed.

Aerodynamic Design: To minimize drag and fuel consumption

Construction: aluminum

Colours: black or white

Fabric: 400 grams UV resistant, waterproof, seam-sealed riblock canvas

Roof Insulation: Closed cell polyethylene foam and insulating quilt

Lighting: Two standard reading lights and three diffused LED lights