Alu-Cab Land Cruiser 76/78 Rear Door Drop Down Table Mounting Kit

Price €85
incl. tax

Ample Surface Area: Boasting a spacious surface area, our Rear Door Drop-Down Table provides plenty of room for prepping meals or hosting a picnic spread.

Sleek Appearance: High-quality materials such aluminium, stainless steel, and bamboo deliver a sleek appearance. It does not encroach on the interior of the vehicle when closed.

Drop-Down Design: The ingenious design allows you to unfold the table directly from your vehicle’s rear door effortlessly. 

This is only the assembly kit for the AluCab Drop-Down Table!

The table serves as the foundation for the mounting kit, which is specifically designed to securely attach the table to the rear door of the Land Cruiser 76 and 78. Without the table, the mounting kit is incomplete and cannot be used properly. 

Alu-Cab Drop DownTable AC-A-RD-DD-TBL