Alu-Cab Khaya Camper Family Unit, black

With the drop-off cabin Khaya Alu-Cab has developed one of the most compact and innovative campers for pickup trucks. Due to the compact dimensions and the light but still strong construction due to the use of aluminum, full off-road capabilities are given. The Khaya Camper has everything on board t
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Price €28900
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The Khaya drop-off cabin already has extensive basic equipment, but can be further individually upgraded with additional accessories. Even in its basic configuration, it can be used immediately for travel and provides an ideal base for day and night. The standard cabin has a weight of 530 kg. This weight includes the complete scope of delivery of the basic equipment, i.e. incl. awning, solar panel etc., but with empty water tank. The lifting of the cabin is done by crank supports (accessories).

Access into the camper is via the upward opening rear door and a fold-out rear ladder. The floor of the camper is covered with vinyl. The interior and all compartments are carpeted. This is for insulation, comfort and avoids rattling.

The length of the cabin is 2.00 m without rear extensions, and 2.77 m including the roof extension. The width at the bottom is 1.30 m and over the side compartments is 1.85 m. The overall height is 1.41 m, and 1.17 m under the stem. Since the rear of the cabin protrudes above the loading area and covers the lighting of the vehicle on the side, the cabin is equipped with LED taillights.

Sleeping places

As the name implies, the Khaya Camper Family is suitable for more people than the Comfort variant! More specifically, the cabin is designed to sleep two more people in addition to the two in the roof tent. This is accomplished by the level pads and lightweight pillows that can be stowed in the numerous pockets during the day and placed on the storage areas in the evening.

Thanks to the insulated walls and soft padding, this creates another warm bed, but one that remains optional at all times. By omitting the cooking block compared to the comfort version, there is additional storage space and a removable wooden table with swivel arm. In the rear area from the entrance view of the cabin, there is space for a cooler and freezer. Additionally, there is a stowable lamp as well as two 12V outlets and a USB port in a side pocket.

Roof Tent

In the upward opening roof is a comfortable lying surface of 240 x 120 cm. For more space in the cabin, this can be partially folded upwards when the roof is open. A 75 mm thick and high-density foam mattress ensures pleasant sleeping comfort. Its cover can be removed for washing by means of a zipper.

Three large windows equipped with mosquito nets provide light and ventilation. The rear window has a guyed canopy for rain and sun protection. The 400 gr/m² tent fabric is waterproof and UV resistant. The rip-lock feature prevents it from tearing further in case of cuts. All seams are sealed for waterproofing. The roof is insulated for a more comfortable climate. A pocket storage system is installed in the roof tent headliner, providing additional space for items and organization. Light is provided by an LED lamp on the ceiling.


Although you wouldn't expect it at first glance, the camper offers plenty of storage space. In the interior, there are storage compartments at the front top, on the left below the bench seat and on the right below the cooler, which are sealed with sturdy canvas and can be opened with a zipper. Below the kitchen block are two drawers. The roof tent also offers space for clothes and other things. On the outside, there is a small storage compartment in the front and a large one in the back on both sides, some with dividers, shelf inserts and fabric doors.

Above the pickup double cab, an aluminum storage box can be mounted on cross members. In Africa, this is generally used for firewood. Cross members can be mounted on the standard C-rails of the roof, e.g. to transport bicycles, kayaks or surfboards. A telescopic ladder can be retrofitted for this purpose. The dynamic roof load is 50 kg, the static load 150 kg.


The camper is supplied with power from a separate auxiliary battery. This prevents the starter battery from being deeply discharged, e.g. by the optional refrigerator, and the vehicle can no longer be started. With a solar module on the roof, the auxiliary battery is continuously recharged, provided there is sunshine, so that power is available for the lighting and refrigerator even when the vehicle is stationary for a longer period. The battery can be charged with 230 V alternating current via an integrated charger. The electrical installation is located in the right front exterior compartment.

The interior and all exterior compartments are equipped with LED lights. Two gooseneck LED reading lights are mounted in the sleeping area. A USB charging socket is installed in the kitchen and in the roof tent. The two 230V sockets under the kitchen only work with shore power.


A self-supporting and very quick to set up 270° awning is mounted on the left side. This covers both the side and the rear of the cabin and provides an approx. 10 m² weather-protected lounge area.

In the front area, an aluminum camping table is stowed underneath the cabin front. Two compact folding chairs find space in the cabin, but are not included.

An 80-liter fresh water tank and a waste water tank are conveniently located. Hot water can be provided via an optional hot water system.

In front of the right rear door of the double cabin, the frame for the outdoor shower cubicle is pulled out of the top of the porch, the shower curtain is hooked in and connected to a step surface. The shower with hose is found in the right front side flap. The clever placement allows clothes to be easily stored in the vehicle while showering.


The Interior

Our equipment makes your vehicle a perfect retreat. The cabin is equipped with practical features that make traveling even more enjoyable:

  • Always charged: The 150W solar panel means you'll have power even when you're away from civilization.

  • Moody atmosphere: the warm LED lights create a pleasant atmosphere, whether the sun is rising or setting.

  • For up to 4 people: Bed can be set up for two more people in the lower section.

  • Work on the go: The built-in table allows you to work comfortably and protected in the camper

  • Smart organization: The storage pockets offer enough space to keep your personal items neat and handy.

  • Home-like comfort: The vinyl-covered floor provides interior coziness. It also provides a warm and inviting atmosphere while offering practical benefits such as easy cleaning and durability.

  • Uncomplicated sleeping: The large and soft mattress ensures a comfortable sleep, which lets you refuel new energy. Your bedding can be easily stored in the roof tent during the trip.

The Exterior

Our exterior features are designed to give you a premium adventure experience accompanied by functionality and aesthetics:

  • Versatile mounting options: The C-rails allow flexible attachment of accessories and equipment on the roof, so you have everything you need for your adventure.

  • Fresh air: thanks to the three openings of the roof tent and the entrance, you will enjoy optimal ventilation and a magnificent view that will always connect you with the surrounding nature.

  • Keep things tidy: Thanks to the four large storage compartments that open from the outside, with lockable flaps and gas struts, you'll always have your gear at hand.

  • Easy access: The gas struts support effortless opening and closing of the equipment flap, so you can access your utensils quickly and easily.

  • A wide range of accessories: Thanks to numerous options, the Khaya Camper can be further customized and equipped. Tailor it perfectly for your next overlanding adventure and enjoy your vacation without worrying about your accommodations.

  • Khaya drop-offcabin

  • 270º awning (left side)

  • Alu-Cab shower cabin

  • Alu-table with holder

  • Storage bags

  • Additional sleeping places

  • 80l water tank

  • Multifunctional plates

  • Leg Support Brackets

  • 220 V charger

  • DC/DC Charger

  • Solar Panel 150W

  • 7 x bicolor LED lights and wiring harness - without battery

  • Reading lamp

  • USB ports

  • 12V cigarette lighter

  • Bracket for the side entrance ladder

  • Khaya swivel arm / spare wheel holder

  • Canister holder

  • Lifting System

  • Awning side wall kit

  • Storm anchoring kit

  • Hot water

  • 2kW diesel parking heater

  • Cooler and freezer box