The Lazer cable sets are available for almost every lamp in the range. Setup is quick and easy! Each cable set is intended for a special type of lamp, the compatibility is already included in the respective products.

Using satin black mounting brackets hidden behind the lower grille, the Lazer Lamps vehicle integration kits allow for the mounting of the headlight for a LED auxiliary light installation that impressed day and night. The lamp is installed quickly and easily.

A set of lens covers for the LED headlights. Made from acrylic , the covers attach securely to the lamps and provide an extra layer of protection or styling for the lamps or in the case of the amber lens cover the ability to convert the color temperature of the light to selective yellow for example. (also available in clear or black)

Made of  impact-resistant and washable high-tech neoprene, the LED light bar neoprene covers are Available from Lazer Lamps for our Triple-R and Linear ranges. Secured with high-strength hook and loop fasteners, the covers are easy to install and remove, keeping your lighting investment in pristine condition when not in use. The ingenious covers also have the benefit of significantly reducing wind noise that can come from some larger light bars.

To attach the Lazer headlight, the right bracket is still missing. You can find them here.