All headlights use high-performance LEDs (Premium "Bin") and a class-leading reflector systems that are optimized for maximum light output in different beam patterns that are optimized for on-road and off-road use. The headlights have a 5-year guarantee (2 years for the Utility series) and are designed for a long service life. Linear stands for the ultimate low-profile additional LED lighting. The extensive Triple-R range uses boost optics to provide the ultimate long-range vision. Sentinel is our new line of 9-inch round lamps for 2021, while the ST and T-Evolution headlights offer a 'Drive' light pattern that is well suited for use on country roads and off-road. The carbon series stands for extremely lightweight solutions for the motorsport sector, while the utility series uses the latest "high density" LEDs for exceptional work light output.

The Linear range is available in Standard and Elite classes and on the one hand represents our most cost-effective products through the use of 3W LEDs, which are also used in our WRC lighting solutions, which have been carefully designed and tested to improve the lighting performance for the optimize daily road use. 

On the other hand, a sleek, aerodynamic design with a real focus on high-end styling, the lamps are easy to install while providing amazing levels of illuminance.

  • Double the light output with Elite products

  • low profile design for easy installation

  • "wide" beam pattern, perfect for road use

  • ECE approval (except 24/48 floods)

  • 5 year guarantee

Developed around the uncompromising requirements of the professional motorsport market, the Triple-R headlight series sets the standard for auxiliary driving lights. Upgraded for 2020/21, the latest and most advanced component technology has been integrated alongside innovative systems for optimizing light output for both on-road and off-road applications. Available in standard or elite classes.

  • optional white / yellow position light 

  • "Spot" beam pattern maximized

  • Contemporary design

  • Distance lighting

  • ECE approved products

  • 5 year guarantee

SENTINEL is new for 2021/2 and applies the superior product design and manufacturing capabilities of Lazer Lamps to a round lamp design. Exceptional light output, optimized for daily on-road and off-road use, is the core of the product's attractiveness, along with the styling that goes well with any modern car, 4x4, light commercial vehicle or truck. Originally available in a size of 228 mm (9 inches), the range includes standard and elite lamps, as well as versions optimized for the installation of heavy trucks.  

  • 9-inch round lamps available in Standard and Elite

  • Optional white / yellow position light function

  • available with Black or Crome effect

  • Wide beam pattern, optimized for on-road and off-road use

  • UNECE REG112 approved high beam product

The ST Evolution series of ECE-approved high-performance driving lights and the T Evolution series of off-road driving lights have been newly developed and designed since 2017/8 and use improved LEDs and superior component technologies in combination with advanced electrical design and material solutions. The result is exceptional performance and reliability.

  • Seamless contemporary design

  • 11 W high power LEDs 

  • "Drive" beam pattern for distance and spread 

  • ECE-Approval

  • 5years guarantee

Lazer's Utility Series is a compact range of high-power LED work lamps and accessories that combine high-efficiency LED systems with patent-pending design features to maximize light output, functionality and reliability. By using products with a nominal power of 25 W, 45 W and 80 W, there is a solution for almost every application with a quality and safety that is characteristic of the Lazer brand. 

  • first-class performance for a wide range of applications

  • Super strong construction 

  • EMC protected -CISPR-25 (CLASS3 / 5)

  • IP69K Standard

  • Unbreakable polycarbonate lens with hard case