LED HEADLIGHTS WITH DAYTIME RUNNING AND POSITION LIGHT: Almost all headlights come with ECE approval for use in public roads, some with a range increase. Extremely precise construction and high-quality workmanship for the highest light demands – also in motorsport.

Founded in the Uk in 2010, Lazer Lamps has from the very beginning pursued the goal of providing is  customers with the best lighting technology. Many successful motorsport and WRC teams already use the high-performance LED headligts from Lazer Lamps. As a European company, Lazer Lamps is aware of the strict requirements and requirements that the market imposes on e-approved headlamps, takes them into account at the beginning of the development process and can therefore deliver optimally tailored products. The headlights are produced in Great Britain according to the quality requirements of  the European and German markets.

To facilitate, complement or enhance your Lazer lamp setup, Lazer Lamps offers a range of Accessories including: Lamp Bracket Kits, Universal mounting solutions, stabilization kits, neoprene covers and colored lenses.

All lamps use high-performance LEDs (Premium "Bin") and class-leading reflector systems designed to maximize light output in different beam patterns that are optimized for on-road and off-road use. Linear stands for the ultimate low-profile additional LED lighting. The extensive Triple-R range uses boost optics to provide the ultimate long-range vision. Sentinel is our new line of 9-inch circular lamps for 2021, while the ST and T-Evolution lights provide a 'Drive' light pattern that is well suited for use on country roads and off-road. The Carbon series, alongside the Rally Pods, represents extreme lightweight solutions for the motorsport sector, while the Utility series uses the latest high density LEDs for exceptional work light output.

Developed, designed and manufactured in the UK, Lazer Lamps is increasingly able to offer bespoke mounting solutions for a growing number of the most popular 4x4, pick-up and light commercial vehicles. With grille integration kits available as bespoke UV-resistant mounts, precision machined from ASA or carbon-nylon composite material, these kits provide a sleek and stylish way to incorporate the powerful, street-legal LED driving lights. In addition to the range of grille kits, there are a number of pre-defined lighting installations for the most common vehicles that use universal mounting brackets.