The Evasion has a lying area of 198 * 140 cm.

The Grand Raid M and Grand Raid X differ from the Evasion by the loading area on the roof. The Grand Raid X is also suitable for families with children with the same interior length and an interior width of 160 cm. The roof tents with a roof shell that opens in parallel are available in five different designs and sizes. The Discovery tent has a capacity of approx. 2 adults and 1 child.

The interior height is a uniform 98 cm. It is opened by four gas pressure springs after releasing two locks on the front of the tent and two on the rear. When closed, the tent has a height of 33.5 cm. The weight is approx. 54 kg.

- also available in XL!

Practical and easy opening thanks to hydraulic cylinders and articulated arms, which are protected by a tarpaulin inside the tent.

To open the tent, both sides must be pressed firmly and then pulled upwards. This prevents accidental opening.

Our roof tents have a durable and ergonomic rubber handle on the side to make opening and closing easier.

In the roof tent there is a James Baroud High Density mattress with cover.

The gray canvas consists of six aluminized layers that reflect the sun's rays, is UV-resistant, water-repellent and air-permeable. With double seams and 100% water-repellent.

The ladder can be adjusted to the vehicle height and adapts flexibly to the movement when people move around in the tent. With non-slip and ergonomic steps, it comes with a bag made from our canvas and PVC to prevent sand and water from getting into the tent.

The hard shell roof tents are equipped with a storage net in the upper part of the interior.

When closed, the tent has a height of 20 cm to stow some simple items.