Ford Ranger Wildtrack 3,2 TDCi Automatic DoKa

Color white; EZ: 03/2017; KM: 48550; Power: 174 kW; Displacement: 3198 cc; Automatic transmission; Wildtrack equipment package;

The vehicle has been in the hands of Genesis Import since it was first registered. This Ford ranger with the powerful 3.2-liter five-cylinder has been extensively modified and improved in our company for trade fair and overlanding applications. The Alu-Cab Canopy-Camper is the perfect symbiosis of hardtop and pop-up roof on the loading area. In a few simple steps, the spacious hardtop can be converted into a comfortable camper in a matter of seconds, with direct access to the upper sleeping compartment. Water and electrical preparation are also on board, the rest can be designed according to your own wishes and requirements. When it comes to off-road suitability, there are no compromises with the ranger. An Ironman4x4 lift kit with ABE is installed to defy the most adverse overland routes. There is plenty of ground clearance thanks to the forged Delta4x4 Classic rims in the dimension 18 inches in connection with brand new BF Goodrich 285/60 R18 tires. Just in case, a Monster Winch with 4.6 tons of payload is installed. Lazer lamps ensure good light all around the vehicle. There is nothing to be desired here!

The extensive equipment list can be found in the products linked above. The installed products ultimately result in the final price of € 56,600. - the car itself (€ 28,700) included!

If you are interested or have any questions, just contact us: +491726342257

For sale: 56.500 €

The Alu-Cab mosquito net for the rear door of the canopy camper is a very useful addition to the camper as it prevents bugs, mosquitoes and other insects from entering while you let fresh air inside the camper. It is attached to the rear door opening with a Velcro fastener. The net also has a layer of durable canvas, from which the Alu-Cab tents are made. Like the net, once it is open, this can simply be rolled up on the inside. So you have the option of a closed with fabric, one protected from insects with a net or a completely open entrance, while the actual camper door is open.

 - also Alu-Cab mosquito nets for the side flaps of the Canopy Campers (257 €)

The Lazer Lamps Utility-25 light is an addition to the Utility series (work lights) from Lazer Lamps. The properties were taken over from the much larger versions Utility-45 and Utility-80. With 25 watts, the headlight offers a very good performance and still impresses with its fitting size. 

The Lazer Lamps Linear-36 light represents the best of slim auxiliary high beams and uses a combination of highly efficient 3W LEDs and vacuum-metallized wide-angle optics to deliver a perfectly coordinated light pattern for everyday road traffic. At just 40mm high, the Linear range is an excellent solution when space is limited or when you are looking for a discreet installation that is most likely to stand out at night.

The Ironman4x4 winch has a clutch lever mounted on the gearbox that is used to engage and disengage the cable drum from the gearbox. The handle can only be moved when there is no load on the cable. Because the clutch gear has straight cut teeth, sometimes the drum may need to be rotated slightly to align the teeth of the gears before the handle can be moved.

For the installation of the Lazer Lamps grille kit with 2x Triple-R 750 G2 Elite in OEM quality, the Lazer Grille Integration Kits contain tailor-made mounting brackets that allow for quick and easy installation of Lazer High Performance LED Spotlights in the front grille of the most popular street cars, pick-ups Trucks and light commercial vehicles make vehicles possible. Designed to blend seamlessly with the original design of any vehicle, the resulting lighting setup remains completely sturdy and secure with added anti-theft protection.

Ironman4x4 Foamcell PRO damper: The top model in the damper series from Ironman4x4. The damper for demanding and tough jobs, on and off the road. With a diameter of 67 millimeters, the Foamcell PRO has enough coolant and doesn’t fail even on the longest vacation stage and in the toughest terrain. - with ABE.

The Alu-Cab Canopy Camper is the optimal combination of a stable aluminum hardtop and a spacious roof tent that is accessible from the inside. The "AC20" version of the Canopy Camper was developed on the occasion of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Alu-Cab and, with two mounted multifunctional panels, a left awning, the pocket systems in the interior and integrated LED lighting, offers optimal solutions for a perfect and ready-to-travel camper. 

The Bravo Snorkel Premium snorkel from Europe, reduces the ingress of dust, higher fording depth, perfect fit, 5 year guarantee, mounting parts and drilling template, high quality plastic, rice and temperature resistant, quality and material certificate according to European guidelines.

The Ironman 4x4 underrun protection can be perfectly integrated into your vehicle design with carefully positioned ventilation and water distribution holes. This protects the key components without compromising airflow and durability. When driving off-road, your vehicle is exposed to various obstacles such as stones, tree trunks, bumps and scratches, which can be a nuisance, especially in vehicles with low driving heights or independent suspension. Underbody protection panels are typically used as a layer of armor under your 4x4 off-road.

The new Alu-Cab water tank for the Canopy Camper has a capacity of 50 liters and is attached to the front of the Canopy Camper (Double Cab and Xtra Cab) with suitable brackets. The tank is made of an LLDPE plastic that meets the FDA requirements for food grade. A clear marking for the maximum filling quantity serves to prevent overfilling of the tank. The water tank has four female connections (brass ½ “BSP), one at each corner, to enable an individually required connection. The kit includes three water tank caps for the three unused connections. In addition to the stainless steel mounting brackets, the kit includes an additional ventilation kit with all the necessary hoses and seals for all connections. Matching canvas bags can be purchased separately as a kit (AC-A-CC-WT-CB-KIT). This kit does not fit Land Cruiser Canopy campers.

The HEBE plastic sand sheets from the Taiwanese manufacturer HEBE® are an attractive alternative to the conventional metal sand sheets or the heavy-weight fiberglass waffleboards. Made of impact-resistant and break-proof polypropylene plastic (PP), they make it easier to recover vehicles in mud, sand and snow. They can withstand severe bending without the risk of breakage and can be used up to a temperature of - 30 ° Celsius. They are significantly lighter and easier to use than conventional sand sheets made of aluminum or steel. Simply slide the flattened ends under the tires as far as possible and drive off. Large knobs give the tires a very good grip. Side handles make handling easy and, in contrast to aluminum sand sheets, there are no sharp edges that could damage the vehicle or even injure your hands. This also makes it easier to transport on or in the vehicle.

further accessories: 

  • Alu-Cab Solar Panel € 230 

  • Hurter Offroad winch mounting plate € 499 

  • Delta4x4 front protection bar € 647

  • Delta4x4 electronic speedometer € 534

  • Delta4x4 wheel cover 4x € 2,119

  • Delta4x4 aluminum rims 4x € 2,424

  • T-MAX E-Board € 1,055