How do I get my desired lift kit?

Very simple - we explain in four easy steps you what is important when selecting the individual components and how you determine your chassis, which is individually adapted to your vehicle.

 First, we determine the specifications of your vehicle, then it goes to the selection of the individual components.  

The specifications show how much weight you have to expect for your vehicle. 

What is the distribution like front and back? Which attachments do you have or are you planning for the future? 

You can use the order form or the load calculator below for the correct determination.

If you know your load, you can easily determine the right springs. Divided according to degrees of hardness, the Ironman 4x4 springs are always perfectly equipped for your individual set-up. 

We have everything from comfortable off-roading to heavy-duty permanent stress in everyday life everything in the program.

The right damper is essential for your ventures. Mainly for the road? Or a lot of unpaved paths?

 With the right damper, you'll reach your destination safely. Simply with Nitrograd, with a good mix with Foamcell technology or with the Foamcell Pro, for demanding rides.

With the right accessories, you can get even more out of your chassis. 

With the perfectly adjustable and With the robust ProForge wishbone kit you are even safer off-road and our greaseable shackles ensure quiet and long-lasting off-road driving pleasure.