Escape Gear Map Holder 10, khaki

Item No.EG-MAP10-LK
Folder for the protected inclusion of a map with a stable transparent cover made of plastic. Foldable in the middle. The Velcro fastener can be used both to close the folded folder and to close the map compartment when the folder is open. The map compartment is large enough to accommodate 6 map page
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Polycotten Canvas Light khaki & Grey 

Traditional 100% Cotton Canvas


Escape Gear makes practical and durable bags and storage systems for your vehicle. Not only do they protect your belongings from sun, snow, dust, rain and other liquids, but they also help you keep things tidy.

Water repellent

Even water cannot harm the Traditional Cotton Canvas, because the material becomes 30% stronger when it gets wet. This makes it water-repellent and liquids do not penetrate.