Escape Gear Dash board Ford Ranger Raptor, grey

Item No.EG-DP-FRR19-G
Escape Gear promises to protect the interior of your vehicle. That includes the covers for your dashboard. When you face the toughest and most demanding off-road conditions, you can be sure that your dashboard is adequately protected. Dashboard covers are made from high-quality materials that offer
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Polycotten Canvas Light khaki & Grey 

Traditional 100% Cotton Canvas


Escape Gear produces custom-fit, durable dashboard protectors for your 4X4, pickup, kombi or SUV. Protect your dashboard from harsh and aggressive conditions and keep your vehicle's interior looking like new after countless memorable adventures.


Water is no issue for the Traditional Cotton canvas either. The material becomes 30% stronger when wet making it water repellent, which means that spilt liquids won’t seep through.